At what age should you get pregnant?

Once women make the decision to start a family, they may begin wondering when the best time to do this is. Just because you know you want kids doesn't mean you're ready to have them yet, after all. But is there a specific age when it's best to get pregnant? People have been speculating for years …

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Loving your pregnant body

If you find yourself noticing the girth more than the glow, take these steps to feel better. Get movingStudies show that women who exercise during pregnancy respond more positively to their changing bodies than those who don’t. An Australian study found that pregnant exercisers also had less …

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Formula tips for a happy baby

Formula Feeding 101 Keeping your baby nourished and full with formula takes more than sticking the bottle in her mouth. Some tips:MIX AND WAIT.Let powdered formula sit for a minute after mixing. That way, you allow gas bubbles to break up, minimizing the amount of air in baby’s …

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Frequently asked questions about Formula

We hear a lot about formula, good and bad. Here are some questions you may be asking as you consider formula as a supplement or eventual substitute for breast milk.I’ve read that formula-fed babies are more at risk for obesity. Is that true? That depends on whom you ask. “There’s …

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