Dealing with the shock (and panic!) of a new pregnancy

Emotional shock can often be the very first symptom of your confirmed pregnancy. Change, after all, is usually disconcerting—especially such an incredible change as finding out that you’re pregnant. Even if you’ve been planning your pregnancy, it can be truly traumatic to find out you’re actually pregnant. It’s probably the biggest news you’ll ever get in your life, and it affects your whole life indeed. So, be gentle with yourself as you adjust to this huge change. It is okay to …

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Read baby’s cues for better sleep – a handy checklist

By Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution for NewbornsYour newborn needs lots of sleep (up to eighteen hours a day!) but your baby doesn’t know that! He exists in the moment and responds to his body’s needs and his environment. Many new parents don’t realize that their baby’s sleep needs are powerfully driven by instinct. When your infant is tired, he’ll sleep–but only if the conditions are right. If not, he will fuss and cry about not sleeping.The good news …

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Why annoying pregnancy symptoms are better for baby

Pregnancy symptoms abound. Although the onset, type, and duration vary from pregnancy to pregnancy, you can be assured you will feel at least a handful of the typical symptoms—perhaps even some of the outliers. Being equipped with explanations around your newfound sensations may not help you avert them, but it may help you better cope with these unavoidable afflictions. The silver lining of nausea and vomiting The experience of nausea, vomiting and heightened sense of smell often present …

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Unhappy with new baby’s gender? Here’s how to cope

Recently I have had two patients, both of whom got pregnant easily, who were so upset that they were having the opposite of what they had hoped for that both told me that they had briefly considered terminating their pregnancies. In both cases, they had wanted a girl but had found out it was a boy. One of them asked how soon after she had her son she could try again for a girl. And the other planned to stop breastfeeding as soon as she could so she could try for a girl.With both patients, …

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Dealing with body image during pregnancy

Most women in the US are too aware of their bodies. And most women, when asked, will report that they aren’t happy with how they look. Their breasts are too small. Or too big. They are too fat. Or too thin. Their hair is too straight. Or too curly. They are too tall or too short, their derriere is too small or too big, their eyes are too close together or too far apart, their nose is too short or too long. Over the years, I have heard it all from all sorts of women, including professional …

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Babies who get Zika after birth show fewer effects

In a bit of positive news, a new study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) shows fewer dangerous effects for babies and children who contract Zika after they are born. As documented by the CDC, 158 babies, children, and teenagers contracted the disease between January 2015 and July 2016. Of the 158, only two of the children were hospitalized, none developed Guillain-Barré syndrome, and none died. This is not to say that the others had no symptoms but they were not as dangerous: Overall, …

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No science to support eating placenta

If you've resisted this recent fad because you don't believe it, or you think it's well, just gross, read on. Researchers writing in the Archives of Women's Mental Health, reviewed 10 medical studies including four with humans and six on animals. While some studies found a possible link to improved lactation for example, studies were either performed without adherence to standard scientific practice or were inconclusive. There are no randomized placebo controlled studies of eating placenta or …

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Non-Invasive prenatal testing endorsed for women of all ages

In the early stages of pregnancy, soon-to-be parents are often filled with joy and also some worry. Common concerns range from paying for childcare to more serious questions about the baby’s development. Nine months is a long time to wonder if the baby you’re carrying is healthy.Major advances in prenatal testing The good news is that prenatal medicine has advanced a great deal in just the past few years. As early as nine weeks into gestation, parents can opt for a noninvasive blood …

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A man’s guide to making PMS a gift

PMS can really strain our relationships.If we do not know how to navigate these days, we can make it much worse. If on the other hand, we have a few simple tools, we can make PMS a lot better for everyone and even use this time to support our relationships to deepen.This week’s video will give you the simple tools to be make PMS better for both of you.Watch more videos at Full Frontal Fatherhood. Here's a transcription if you'd rather read:The days or week prior to our …

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Forget the Pill: healthier, safer birth control for new moms

I am often asked about the best birth control options for new moms. Many medical professionals believe that right after giving birth, a woman is extremely fertile. However, if a new mom is breastfeeding, this is not necessarily the case. Regardless, if you don’t want to get pregnant soon after giving birth, it is advisable to use some kind of birth control option as soon as possible. I am not a proponent of the Pill. Its negative effects greatly outweigh any positive benefits. The birth …

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