10 baby girl names inspired by amazing women in history

April 28, 2016 by

10 baby girl names inspired by amazing women in history

Give your newborn baby roots and a sense of story by taking name inspiration from one of these historical figures. Below, you’ll find the names of women who’ve left their mark through music, science, dance, and more:

Annie: A winning sharpshooter made famous as a teenager in the early 1900s, Annie Oakley is remarkable for breaking out in a male-only field in a time when women were confined to home.

Clara: Clara Barton was a groundbreaking Civil War nurse who founded the Red Cross.

Frida: Frida Kahlo was a world renowned Mexican painter in the 20th century.

Amelia: Give your baby girl the name Amelia and she may just turn out to be a great adventurer. Amelia Earhart is remembered for breaking barriers as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Isadora: Isadora Duncan was an American ballerina who danced to great acclaim in the early 1900s.

Ella: Want to raise a strong-willed leader? Name your baby Ella and she may be off to a good start. Ella Baker was an influential Civil Rights activist who worked right alongside Martin Luther King, Jr.

Marion: As an expectant parent, you’ll have a lot of gratitude for Marion Donovan soon enough. In 1950 she invented the first disposable diaper.

Katherine: Katherine Blodgett was a 19th century physicist and inventor, whose pioneering inventions have been used in eyeglasses, cameras, and telescopes.

Rosa: Famous for refusing to give up her seat on an Alabama bus, Rosa Parks is a legendary Civil Rights hero.

Eleanora: Born Eleanora Fagan, this songbird went on to become the world renowned jazz singer and songwriter Billie Holiday.

Do any of these beautiful baby girl names strike a chord with you? Let us know in the comments below! And stay tuned for a baby boy name list inspired by great men in history! 

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Emme Lukasik is a long-time journalist and new mom. She lives in Los Angeles with a patient husband, wild child of a daughter, and a rambunctious collie named Isla.

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