Heads-up! What to expect when baby’s bottom-down

Breech babies - what you need to knowWhen it comes to childbirth, the best advice we can give a mom-to-be is to expect the unexpected. A due date may come and go with no sign of labor. A natural delivery may leave you begging for an epidural - and a baby may never get into the correct birthing position in the first place. If the latter should happen, and your little one is labeled breech, here's what you need to know: What is breech? A breech baby is one who never turns head-down inside …

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How am I supposed to feel while pregnant?

Many of my pregnant patients ask me the same question the first time they come to see me: How is one supposed to feel while pregnant? Each time I have to force myself not to laugh, not because it is a funny question but because there is no logical answer. The fact is, the way you feel today has absolutely no predictive value as to how you might feel tomorrow. And if you want to get really specific, the way you felt this morning may or may not be similar to how you might feel later in the …

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How to get amazing maternity photos

The goal of a professional maternity photographer is to create a truly unique experience in which the mother-to-be feels comfortable, relaxed, beautiful, pampered, and empowered from the moment she enters the studio. Your professional photographer should guide you every step of the way. Scheduling your session Maternity portraits are best captured from weeks 31 to 36. Of course, timing can vary.How to feel and look your best A maternity session is more than just a photo shoot. It is …

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Needle phobic? Here’s how to survive pregnancy

For the needle phobic among us, we have bad and good news: On one hand, there are quite a few blood draws throughout your pregnancy. But on a positive note, you won't bat an eye at a syringe by the time you check into the hospital for labor. If your fear of having your blood drawn is getting in the way of your excitement over baby, here's what you need to know: Just how many blood tests are there? The number of times your doctor or midwife will order blood work really depends on the practice. …

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At what age should you get pregnant?

Once women make the decision to start a family, they may begin wondering when the best time to do this is. Just because you know you want kids doesn't mean you're ready to have them yet, after all. But is there a specific age when it's best to get pregnant? People have been speculating for years about this question, and the answer is no. There's no single age when women should aim to get pregnant. Every woman is different, with varying health issues, financial statuses, and …

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Wake up! Say ‘so long’ to pregnancy fatigue

Are you sleep-walking through your first trimester? If so, you're in good company. Fatigue is one of the most prevalent side effects of pregnancy, with more than half of all expectant moms fighting to get out of bed in the morning. Here's the lowdown on why you're so tired and what you can do about it: What's the deal? Growing a tiny life form is grueling work, so it's no wonder you're exhausted. In the first trimester, when fatigue is most common, your body is putting all the pieces in place …

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How saving for college can fit into your life as a new mom

They say life changes when you become a mother. And in so many ways, it’s true. Your body, your family, and your perspective on the world will never be the same. Being a parent comes with its ups and downs, but for all the sleepless nights, each day you get to hold the most precious thing you have ever known.Remaining positive isn’t always easy. Especially when it comes to missing out on activities that were a regular part of your life before the baby. But what if foregoing those …

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Your postnatal abs: the changes, test, and exercises

How have your abs changed?  It’s hard to believe, but over the course of your pregnancy your abdominal muscles will stretch by more than 50 percent. As your baby grows, your muscles will lengthen and your six-pack muscle (Rectus) divide and separate into two halves. This stretches, and in some cases, tears the delicate tissues of the Linea Alba. Your Linea Alba, which for some women darkens during pregnancy, is the connective tissue that joins all the layers of your abs at the midline of …

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How to survive nighttime nursing sessions

As you probably know, breastfeeding provides countless benefits to you, your baby, and your family. Although as comforting and healthy as breastfeeding can be, it is not always easy in the first few weeks after giving birth—especially at night. To help moms feel a bit more at ease when handling these nighttime nursing sessions, Lamaze International President Maria J. Brooks, BSN, RNC-OB, LCCE, FACCE, shares four tips:Follow baby's lead If you are waking up several times to feed your …

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Delayed cord clamping, better for baby

Of all the contentious items of pregnancy and childbirth, who knew choosing when to cut the umbilical cord would inspire so much debate? First, let's back up. When babies are born, they are still connected to mom by this cord - and the cord must be cut and clamped shortly after birth to separate the two.In the 1950s, it was considered early to clamp the cord 1 minute post birth, and late after 5 minutes. Nowadays, it's customary to do so immediately, usually 15-20 seconds after a baby is …

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