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Kids Preferred Goodnight Moon Developmental Bunny

If you enjoyed Goodnight Moon as a child (or as an adult) you will love this developmental toy for your little one. I am a big fan of toys that have an authentic feel and this toy has just that. My son is now 8 months old and he has been playing with this toy for the past 3 months...and still …

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The Dairy Fairy – Arden nursing bra

The Dairy Fair Arden Bra is feminine, functional and a must have if you are a nursing and/or pumping mom! I am a working mom and I pump between 3-4 times/day while at work. I also do a lot of pumping in my car because pumping and driving is an efficient use of my time. On a typical day I am pumping …

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Summer Infant Vibrating Chair

I have been using the Summer Infant Resting Up Napper since my son was about 2 weeks old. He is now 6 weeks and I don’t think we could get through a day without this chair. My son loves to be held and has trouble falling asleep without being cuddled in the arms of my husband or myself. We …

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