Summer Infant Vibrating Chair


I have been using the Summer Infant Resting Up Napper since my son was about 2 weeks old. He is now 6 weeks and I don’t think we could get through a day without this chair. My son loves to be held and has trouble falling asleep without being cuddled in the arms of my husband or myself. We have several “devices” (e.g. swing, chairs, etc.) but the one device that my son prefers is the Summer Infant vibrating chair.

I originally used the Summer Infant chair without the vibrating option, for short periods of time, when my son was awake between napping and feeding. The incline of the chair is at a good angle (not too steep and not too flat), which is particularly nice after a feeding because it allows him to be slightly upright to help with digestion.

As my son got a little older (3 to 5 weeks), he started taking longer naps in the chair. It is sturdier and more spacious (longer and wider) than all the other chairs I have used. It also has mesh sides to allow for better airflow around the baby, which helps to reduce overheating. Another great feature of the chair is the vibrating option. Initially my son did not like the vibration but now that he is a little older, the vibration really helps him to stay asleep once he is in the chair. Lastly, the chair is sturdy but light and easy to transport. The legs collapse easily so the chair goes flat and is easily stored under a crib, bed or in the trunk of a car.

My son is in the 95th percentile for weight and 100th percentile for length. Given that the Summer Infant chair is more spacious, it is definitely going to have a longer life span than some of the other chairs I have seen. With so many chair options out there, I would highly recommend the Summer Infant chair if you are looking for a sturdy device that will last a long time.

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