The Dairy Fairy – Arden nursing bra


The Dairy Fair Arden Bra is feminine, functional and a must have if you are a nursing and/or pumping mom! I am a working mom and I pump between 3-4 times/day while at work. I also do a lot of pumping in my car because pumping and driving is an efficient use of my time. On a typical day I am pumping for 60-90 minutes so I have to be productive during this time. The Arden Bra allows me to have my hands-free for emails, phone calls, driving, etc.

Before I started using the Arden Bra, I had to change out of my regular bra and into a hands-free pumping band every time I pumped. Needless to say, it was a pain! The beauty of the Arden Bra is that it’s a nursing bra and a hands-free pumping bra all-in-one. All you have to do is unhook the front covers and voila, you have a hands-free pumping bra. Also, when I wear the Arden Bra, I don’t have to worry about remembering my pumping band or accidentally leaving something at home. Everything I need is already part of the Arden Bra!

I own a lot of nursing bras/tank tops and most of them are not very attractive. The Arden Bra is not only functional but also very feminine and stylish. So much so, that my husband actually said he thought the bra was pretty! (He never comments on my bras!) I ordered the bra in Medium and it fits perfectly (I am a 36 C depending on the time of day). The shoulder straps are easily adjustable, so the bra fits comfortably without digging in and there are 3 clasps on the back strap so you always feel supported. I also wear the Arden Bra to sleep in. It has adjustable flaps on the front that can be made bigger/smaller depending on how full you are. The Arden Bra really does include everything that nursing and pumping mamas need!

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