Choosing the right baby monitor

Who’s watching the baby?   You are—no matter where you are—with today’s high tech video monitors. In our product reviews, we’ve rounded up the best options, so all you have to do is decide.Long gone are the days when mom and dad had to lie sleepless wondering if they heard a cry or whimper from baby’s room down the hall. Modern moms have a variety of technology to help monitor baby’s every move from the next room or even from the office across town. While that doesn’t …

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Buyers Guide
MSRP- $249.99Always In View is a video, baby monitor designed exclusively for cars.  A high-definition camera placed inside the plush broadcasts images of the baby to a color monitor conveniently placed on the dashboard of the car.  A puppy, giraffe, or monkey plush, each with long arms and buckles on the palms, positions easily on the back headrest of the car.  The camera with infrared lighting allows viewing day or night.  By quickly glancing, drivers significantly reduce the …

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