Lorex Baby Sweet Peek video baby monitor


Lorex BB2411 2.4-Inch Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor with IR Night Vision and Zoom

$169.99 (but under $100 at Amazon)

The Lorex Baby Sweet Peek monitor is a basic monitor entry in comparison to their other WIFI and networked security monitors. It has the simple functions you would expect from a monitor including night vision and portable viewing unit with 8 hours of battery life.  If also has 2-way talk so you have the option of talking to your baby from the other room. We’ve noted before that this is likely not a function you will use with baby, though it can be helpful if you want to remind your spouse to do something from the other room. Its wireless range at 450 feet is also standard for similarly priced monitors.

This monitor has a bright 2.4″ color screen, which again is a fairly average size for a baby monitor. It also will play lullabies, again fairly standard for most monitors.

In terms of more distinctive features, the parent unit has a zoom feature so you can dive in for a closer look at your baby. This may be more of a gimmick than real value though since there is no pan and swivel so you’d have to hope the thing you want to zoom in on is right in the middle of the screen. The other main difference with this monitor is the possible use of three additional cameras. The parent unit can then toggle between babies in four separate rooms, in the event you have had quadruplets, each with their own room, or if you are running a nursery. Additional camera units are about $60.

The Sweet Peek is a simple to use and sleek monitor in a category that includes both high design and ugly and complicated high tech options. You should consider it along with simple options from Summer Infant and Graco.

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