Review: Motorola Blink Wi-Fi® Video Baby Monitor Camera


My husband and I live in a loft so when it came time to think about getting a baby monitor for our little one, our first question was, ”do we even need one?” We definitely didn’t need one of those traditional two-piece monitors since clearly, we can hear the baby screaming her lungs out from below our bedroom. That’s when we came across the Motorola Blink Wi-Fi® Video Baby Monitor Camera (MSRP $249.00)

The camera is a single piece of hardware which you can view from any computer (Mac or PC) and any mobile device (iOS and Android) by downloading their app locally or remotely. Being able to view the camera remotely really sold us, so we were excited to try it out.

Set up was a breeze. I did the set up via my iPhone by first going to the Apple app store and downloading their free app (Monitor Everywhere). From there, you simply launch the application and follow the set up instructions and you are good to go. The camera can either sit on any surface, or use the notch in the base to mount it on the wall with a screw (not included).

Not only can you view the camera with your iPhone, you can also tilt and rotate the camera, zoom, push a button to speak and have it come out the speaker inside the camera, and even take pictures. The Infrared night vision is also great so check up on our little girl without turning on all the lights and the built in lullaby library you can access and play remotely is a nifty touch.

The image quality I think is fair for baby monitors, and if I had to nit, the controls to tilt and rotate the camera (on the iPhone at least) feel a little clumsy.

All in all, we are very happy with the camera and excited to be able to keep tabs on our little one especially when we are out and about and also being able to share our account with the grandparents so they can log on and watch the baby cam.


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