Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat

The Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat, for babies up to 32 pounds and 32 inches, is a great choice for those searching for the perfect infant car seat amongst a dizzying array of choices.  Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the Inertia has an innovative controlled motion base.  This means that your baby can sit at a greater recline than most car seats, but in the event of a crash, the seat rotates to a more upright, safer position.  Essentially, you get the best of both worlds in …

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Snugli All-In-One Car Seat

When looking for a car seat, the features at the top of my must-have list are safety, comfort and ease of use.  The Snugli All-In-One Car Seat stands out on all fronts and has the added benefits of accommodating my child through all her car seat/booster years while also looking great. At first sight, I wished there were a larger version that I could personally try out.  With plush memory foam padding, a generous headrest, and three levels of recline, this seat is very inviting.  Apparently, …

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clek foonf Convertible Car Seat

If you’re looking for advanced safety features combined with a great looking car seat that’s easy to install in a compact car, the clek foonf should be a top contender. Similar to a car, the foonf has crumple zones that deform to absorb collision impact and significantly diminish the effect on your child. Its design also allows for longer rear-facing usage, which is highly regarded as the safer position for convertible car seats. Other safety features include an anti-rebound bar …

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The First Years True Fit Premier Convertible Car Seat

Our baby girl is quickly getting taller and heavier, so when it came time to get a car seat to put in her grandma’s car we had to make sure it met some key criteria.  To make life easier for grandma, this car seat had to be easy to lift our daughter into and out of and had to be easy to adjust to keep up with her rapidly changing dimensions.  Also, to satisfy a doting grandma, something extra plush and comfortable would be the icing on the cake!  The First Years True Fit Premier …

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