Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat


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$329.99 at BabiesRUs

The Summer Infant Prodigy is the most high- tech of all the car seats reviewed. Smart Screen technology uses a digital screen to guide you through the installation process and test how level and secure your seat is. Press the “Test” button periodically to ensure your seat doesn’t come loose over time. While this system is revolutionary, the downside is that it is electronic and requires three AA batteries. The Belt Tightening System is another intriguing innovation with a ratchet mechanism that enables you to tighten your seat belt with minimal effort. You’ll also save effort with the Safeguard 1Adjust Harness System that allows you to adjust harness height simply by pulling the adjustment strap rather than having to re-thread the harness. This seat does have some small mechanical drawbacks in that it requires you press two buttons to adjust the tilt of the base and can be trickier to release from the base than other seats.


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