Britax B-Safe Car Seat


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The Britax B-Safe infant car seat has a deeper seat with a large canopy for cradling your child and keeping her safe. Note that the higher sides do make it slightly more difficult to lift your child out of the seat if you’re reaching in from the side. While not machine washable, the fabric is easier to wipe down than most, so cleaning up minor spills is not a problem. The interior of the seat is well padded with all hardware covered – a belly pad shields your baby from the buckle and the harness adjustment lever is hidden under the cover. If you plan to install your car seat without the base, note that you have to pull the cover up on the sides to reveal the belt guides, which can be a bit awkward. Also, those with less strength in their fingers may struggle with some of the mechanisms, such as when reclining the base and locking off the seatbelt.


 Britax B Safe Car Seat Britax B Safe Car Seat


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