HABA USA Pushing Car Walker Wagon — My son loves it & it looks great in my living room!

October 23, 2013 7:03 PM by

My son loved this toy before we even finished putting it together.  He started pushing it around before we added the handle, which of course then made it even more fun for him.  The Pushing Car Walker Wagon is a high quality toy with really great craftsmanship.  In addition to my son loving the toy, it actually looks great in my living room.  It’s also a lot more durable than some of the plastic toys that we’ve bought.

This is a great toy for a little one that is learning to walk or new to walking.  My son walks it back and forth across our living room.  He loves to put its toys in it, especially in the front seat, and then pushing his toys around the room in the wagon.

I’d summarize the pros as:

+ high quality craftsmanship

+ multiple options for kids (push it around, put stuff in it, climb in and ride in it, etc.)

+ visually appealing

+ highly durable

+ easy to assemble

+ every little one that comes to our house loves this wagon

The only downsides to me are (1) it’s a little unsturdy for larger babies to pull themselves up, it tipped on my sone a couple of times when he was first learning to walk and (2) it doesn’t turn very well on softer surfaces like the pads you can buy for your floors.

In summary, I’d buy this again for myself or as a gift.  It’s a toy that my son loves and I think looks adorable in our living room where all of the toys end up. I definitely recommend this toy.



Kelly Kotzman is mom to a little boy just under a year old. She loves spending time with her little family on the beach & traveling. Her son has already proven to be quite the traveler. Kelly works in technology and while passionate about the space, also loves leaving technology behind as much as possible on the weekends!


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