What every expectant father should know about new moms

The first days of motherhood can be rough sailing even for the most level-headed among us. Between sleepless nights and that whole figuring out how to survive with a baby thing, you don't need a partner who doesn't understand you. Make sure dad-to-be knows what's in store and how he can support you best. Here's what he needs to know about your journey into motherhood: You won't feel beautiful Chances are, it will take a few months before you feel like yourself again. After all, your body …

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What exactly is Attachment Parenting?

Is it baby bliss or infant overload? Some moms’ idea of nirvana is never being separated from their babies, not for one second, day or night.  For others, this concept seems like cruel and unusual punishment, for both baby and mom.But before you start running for the hills or buy baby slings in every color of the rainbow, read on to learn more about this popular trend.  There’s more to it than being joined at the hip. During my first pregnancy, I went headlong into information overload.I …

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What kind of parent will you be?

Pondering Parenthood What kind of mom will you be?  It’s never too early to look ahead While most of us prepare for the births of our children by purchasing a layette and considering baby names, the question of how we will parent often doesn’t actually arise until our little ones are toddlers or even later.  “Deciding what kind of parent you want to be is one of the most important questions you will ever explore,” says Leslie Parrott, Ph.D., who co-authored The Parent You Want To Be …

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Tips for stress-free pregnancy sleep

Ready Yourself With Rest The doctors’ tips for stress-free slumber—while it’s still possible. Although your bed may be the source of serious fun and serious bonding, as you get further into your pregnancy, it may be the source of some serious stress.Most pregnant women worry about how they’re going to cope with being awakened every couple of hours every night for several months after the baby’s born. Some experts theorize that frequent awakenings during pregnancy are your body’s …

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Weird dreams during pregnancy and what they mean!

Nocturnal KnowledgeUnravel your weird pregnancy dreams and understand your deeper worries. Pregnancy can supercharge your dreams. In fact, they might be so bizarre that they’re hard to forget—especially when they’re a bit scary. Surging hormones make your dreams more vivid and also make you much more likely to remember them. This is why they can haunt you long after you awaken, says psychologist Veronica Tonay, Ph.D., author of Every Dream Interpreted. But your strange dreams, no …

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It’s Time for Some Holiday Ground Rules

A little tough love can help you actually enjoy this most ­wonderful time of the year. Here’s how to be real without being rude. By Bonnie Siegler So Grandma Althea just invited you over for Thanksgiving week and Grandpa Jones wants to visit you—along with Grandma Jones—for Christmas and Santa’s first visit. Oh, and cousin Jen decided she’s coming for Hanukkah to help you get your nursery in order. Yes, it’s the holidays—when your already busy schedule becomes even busier, …

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Back to Work Essentials for New Moms

 Mom’s Back to Work Essentials with zulily’s Maternity Expert, Robin Otto     Moms have a lot to think about when returning to work after having a baby. From catching up on missed months to getting home early enough to spend some quality time with the little ones, it can seem overwhelming. As zulily’s maternity expert, I seek out solutions including appropriate attire, helpful pumping products and more, to make the transition back to the office as easy as possible for …

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New (& Not at All Embarrassing) Way to Meet Mom Friends

As cute as all that baby babbling is, sometimes you need a little adult conversation. Better yet, you need an exciting new group of friends to bond with. Good thing Mom Meet Mom has come around. Think of it as an online matchmaking service for moms, because it hooks you up with like-minded mom friends right where you live. If you get anxious approaching other moms cold-turkey on the playground in search of friendship (or just can’t find pals where you live) it’s a dream come …

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7 ways to prepare yourself before birth

Here Comes Baby! Your indispensable guide to prepping yourself in those final days before the birth The big event is just around the corner, and there’s little else you can do but dream about the days to come.You have been planning this baby for nine months or maybe even longer—years of envisioning a son at Little League or a daughter at dance class.  You’ve planned the baby’s room and imagined her future…computer whiz, neurosurgeon…. Whoa—don’t get carried away!  First …

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What you eat while pregnant can determine your baby’s tastes

Palate Prep School New research says yes—your pregnancy diet does affect baby’s future tastes. Here’s how to make sure he’ll like the healthy stuff “Mommy, more please.” Those magic words play like music to a mother’s ears, especially if the dish is something that qualifies as “healthy.” And although this scenario might seem far off while you’re still stuck in what could be The World’s Largest Pants, it appears that a budding eater’s “food road map” actually begins …

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