Identifying the baby blues

A Darker Shade of Blue Images of new mothers are often joyful, suggesting that having a baby is a blissful experience that is bound to leave you glowing. Contrary to these popular images, most women experience a range of emotions following the birth of their babies. Adjusting to the newness of motherhood brings up myriad new thoughts and feelings, and shortly after your baby’s arrival, it’s normal to feel a little “blue.” As many as 60 to 80 percent of mothers experience the baby …

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Sleep tips for every trimester

9 Months Of Sound SleepEveryone tells you to get your rest now before the baby comes. Well, sleeping like a baby while growing a baby is no easy feat! But a good night’s sleep is possible.Here are the biggest sleep obstacles you’ll encounter over the next 40 weeks and some tricky ways to get around them. 1st trimester FATIGUE Feeling exhausted—even narcoleptic!—is sometimes the first sign of pregnancy; it’s caused by the extra progesterone in your system that helps maintain …

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Your pregnancy diet affects whether baby is a good eater

“Mommy, more please.” Those magic words play like music to a mother’s ears, especially if the dish is something that qualifies as “healthy.” And although this scenario might seem far off while you’re still stuck in what could be The World’s Largest Pants, it appears that a budding eater’s “food road map” actually begins to develop while she’s still floating in that bag of waters.That’s right—a growing body of evidence suggests your personal cuisine routine …

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Coping with a cold while pregnant

‘Tis the sneezin’ For germs! Learn the safe way to soothe yourself and protect your baby on board. Pregnancy may guarantee you a seat on the bus, but it doesn’t grant you a free pass from germs. In fact, your developing baby puts your immune system into relaxation mode, making you more susceptible to everyday illnesses. This dip in resistance may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s crucial—if your body didn’t surrender to foreign bodies, it might actually reject your …

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Vegetarian and pregnant: eating right for 2

How to eat right and stay healthy for two. When I first found out I was pregnant, my excitement was quickly followed by one thought: “No wonder!” A baby growing inside me certainly explained why I was hungry all the time. As a lifelong lacto-vegetarian—I eat milk products but not eggs—I knew about the produce and dairy sources of the nutrients that I needed. But was I still eating right now that I was pregnant? I realized that I needed to learn more about my diet in order to eat well …

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Telling your child about the arrival of a second baby

The siblings scene You are going to have another baby – but when and how you break the news to your older child? It seems that both experts and moms have different opinions about the best time to review your pregnancy to older children. Gina Bangert, of Martinez, California, chose to tell her two-year-old daughter about their new baby as Bangert entered her second trimester, once her chances of having a spontaneous miscarriage decreased. But Nancy O’Reilly, Psy.D., A clinical …

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Tips on Dealing with a Miscarriage

All mixed up? If you experience a miscarriage prior to your pregnancy, the truth is you may feel both blessed and cursed; tough yet vulnerable. As I tell my close friends, I’m partly happy with a chance of dread. If your pregnancy finds you trying to balance fear with hope and joy with grief, you’re not alone. And you’re not going nuts, experts say. ”After a loss, it’s completely natural to have mixed emotions,” says Cathi Lemmert of Share Pregnancy and …

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Surviving your first overnight stay without baby

Just One Night How to survive your first overnight stay away from baby Kara Mcleod of Sunrise, FL, says Leaving her daughter, Madeline, overnight with relatives for the first time was like ripping off a Band-Aid. She knew itwould be painful, but she just needed to get it over with. ”I thought it might be tremendous and I might never do it again, but I had to give it a try,” she says. Bonding with your newborn is one of the most intense periods in your life, so it’s natural to …

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Can you be “prepared?”

Get Your Preparedness Badge Parenting seems to be one place where the Boy Scout motto doesn’t apply.  Sure, you can “Be Prepared,” but I’ve found that there are turns in the trail that couldn’t have been foreseen. My son, for example, was nothing I imagined. First, I hoped for a girl. Not only did our baby turn out to be a boy, he’s huge: 10 months, 25+ pounds, more than 30 inches tall, and busting percentiles all over the place. I certainly didn’t predict that my biggest …

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Loving your pregnant body

Love thy body If you find yourself noticing the girth more than the glow, take these steps to feel better. * GET MOVINGStudies show that women who exercise during pregnancy respond more positively to their changing bodies than those who don’t. An Australian study found that pregnant exercisers also had less anxiety and insomnia. The regular regimen, like walking or yoga, will help keep weight gain in balance, which will benefit you postpartum too. So clear your fitness routine with …

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