Dress Rehearsal: Braxton-Hicks contractions

Contractions a few weeks early? Here's the scoop on Braxton-Hicks. When Raelynn Glispin experienced contractions during the 36th week of her first pregnancy, they caught her by surprise; she wasn’t sure what they were.“When you’ve never had a contraction before, you aren’t positive if it’s Braxton Hicks or actual labor,” says Glispin, a mother of two in Oxford, MA. “With my second baby, I clearly knew the difference and wasn’t surprised.”Braxton Hicks, so named …

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6 ways to avoid vericose veins from pregnancy

Do your best to avoid vericose veins Varicose veins are mainly a hereditary condition, but doctors actually see them two to four times more frequently in women than in men. The reason? Pregnancy. Your growing uterus, along with weight gain and fluid retention, all put extra pressure on the vein walls, which can accelerate vein damage.Wearing compression or support hose controls leg swelling and stops blood from pooling in your leg veins. “If you have a family history of varicose veins, I …

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6 ways to treat a new mom right

If you're the first among your friends to join the motherhood club, chances are, they don't know squat about babies. What's worse, they probably don't know much about those first raw, emotional and painful days of being a mom. Help them out by sharing these tips for treating a new mom right. You'll thank us once your baby arrives! Pause We know you're eager to meet this adorable bundle of joy your pal has brought into the world, but we urge you to take a pause. Instead of rushing to the …

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What every expectant father should know about new moms

The first days of motherhood can be rough sailing even for the most level-headed among us. Between sleepless nights and that whole figuring out how to survive with a baby thing, you don't need a partner who doesn't understand you. Make sure dad-to-be knows what's in store and how he can support you best. Here's what he needs to know about your journey into motherhood: You won't feel beautiful Chances are, it will take a few months before you feel like yourself again. After all, your body …

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What exactly is Attachment Parenting?

Is it baby bliss or infant overload? Some moms’ idea of nirvana is never being separated from their babies, not for one second, day or night.  For others, this concept seems like cruel and unusual punishment, for both baby and mom.But before you start running for the hills or buy baby slings in every color of the rainbow, read on to learn more about this popular trend.  There’s more to it than being joined at the hip. During my first pregnancy, I went headlong into information overload.I …

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What kind of parent will you be?

Pondering Parenthood What kind of mom will you be?  It’s never too early to look ahead While most of us prepare for the births of our children by purchasing a layette and considering baby names, the question of how we will parent often doesn’t actually arise until our little ones are toddlers or even later.  “Deciding what kind of parent you want to be is one of the most important questions you will ever explore,” says Leslie Parrott, Ph.D., who co-authored The Parent You Want To Be …

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Tips for stress-free pregnancy sleep

Ready Yourself With Rest The doctors’ tips for stress-free slumber—while it’s still possible. Although your bed may be the source of serious fun and serious bonding, as you get further into your pregnancy, it may be the source of some serious stress.Most pregnant women worry about how they’re going to cope with being awakened every couple of hours every night for several months after the baby’s born. Some experts theorize that frequent awakenings during pregnancy are your body’s …

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Weird pregnancy dreams and what they mean!

Nocturnal KnowledgeUnravel your weird pregnancy dreams and understand your deeper worries. Pregnancy can supercharge your dreams. In fact, they might be so bizarre that they’re hard to forget—especially when they’re a bit scary. Surging hormones make your dreams more vivid and also make you much more likely to remember them. This is why they can haunt you long after you awaken, says psychologist Veronica Tonay, Ph.D., author of Every Dream Interpreted.But your strange dreams, …

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5 sweet holiday traditions for your family

Love, family and joyful memories - those are the makings of one happy holiday. Think you can't get started building your family traditions until after your little one arrives? We have five sweet ways that say otherwise: Letter to baby Take a moment during the holidays to pen a year-in-review letter to your little one. This year, tell your son or daughter all about the joy and anticipation you feel for his or her arrival. Next year, you'll recount the happy moments you share together. File …

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It’s Time for Some Holiday Ground Rules

A little tough love can help you actually enjoy this most ­wonderful time of the year. Here’s how to be real without being rude. By Bonnie Siegler So Grandma Althea just invited you over for Thanksgiving week and Grandpa Jones wants to visit you—along with Grandma Jones—for Christmas and Santa’s first visit. Oh, and cousin Jen decided she’s coming for Hanukkah to help you get your nursery in order. Yes, it’s the holidays—when your already busy schedule becomes even busier, …

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