Why you need sisterhood and where to find your soul sisters


Way back when women shared so much more with each other than they do now. They’d gather food, cook, and help raise each other’s children. Women communed in Red Tents with synchronized menstrual cycles to support each other’s businesses and lives. (Sounds like the first B-School to me!) Sisterhood saved their world back then.

Sisterhood is certainly healing the world now. Women are speaking up in the #metoo movement. Reading stories of their vulnerable moments is inspiring and quite emotional. When Trump was inaugurated, the first Women’s March happened where ladies rallied for female rights. Their slogan: The #WomansWave is here–and we’re sweeping the world forward with us. Equally emotional and inspiring. Women have a special bond and when nurtured, ladies are much happier, which means their families will be healthier as a result.

“Friendship between women is different than friendship between men. We talk about different things. We delve deep. There are hormones that are released from women to other women that are healthy and do away with the stress hormones. It’s my women friends that keep starch in my spine and without them, I don’t know where I would be. We have to just hang together and help each other.” – Jane Fonda

No one gets you as your girlfriends do, and it’s time to meet up more often.

Sisterhood Heals Your Soul

When your partner doesn’t understand what you mean by cycle syncing, the energy of the full moon, or what natural makeup works, your girlfriends will. It’s impossible for your partner to 100% to satisfy ALL your needs. Accept this.

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to sync up with sisters who you have fun with. The challenge is that today women are more isolated. Their lives are lived separately on social media, from the comfort of their home, or on-the-go. Women miss out on the nourishing soul food of being together.

The benefits of friendship are boundless. Friendships have a more positive impact on our physical and psychological wellbeing than family relationships.

Women bare their souls to each other, support, and encourage one another. The author Louise Bernikow said:

Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other to belong to themselves.

How beautiful. Researchers found that the hormone oxytocin is the elixir of friendship, for women. Sip up! Talking to a sister a day keeps the doctor away!

Creating Sisterhood

You don’t need to step into a strange yoga class to find new friends (although that may be how it happens). Think about what high school or college friends you can reconnect with. You may have grown apart, AND you already have the foundation set. Talk about time saved! This is the easiest way to rekindle a friendship.

Being set up isn’t just for romance. Meeting friends through a warm connection is the second best way to create new connections. Think about who you’ve met through friends, whom you felt at home with from day one. Reach out and do a girl’s night.

Lastly, take a fun class. There are SO MANY potteries, pilates, and paint & sip opportunities out there. The list of interests go on. Find something that lights you up and registers. The ladies you meet will have a common ground and it’s easy to create bonds from there. Like dating, look for things you have in common like loving the same band, a brand of mascara, or favorite restaurant. The possibilities are endless. Take it one step at a time.

Let’s be honest; life without girlfriends is a drag. So, drag your butt to message an old pal or try a new activity. You’ll feel more at ease. You’ll have more laughter in your life. When shit hits the fan, your girls will have your back!

Over to You!

What’s ONE STEP you can take today to find your girl gang?

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