What to expect: tests during pregnancy 

Many patients come to me when they first find out they’re pregnant and ask, “Do I have to take all the tests?” As part of routine prenatal care, several lab tests are suggested for all women, which can find conditions that can increase the risk of complications for mom and baby. So the answer to that question is no, you don’t have to do anything but, I highly recommend it. Life as a parent is all about planning, and taking the various prenatal tests your doctor recommends is part of …

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New poll: Will you find out the sex of your baby?

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Do you have powerful mom intuition now that you’re pregnant?

Ask a group of moms if they’ve ever had sixth sense about their child and you’ll be flooded with eerie examples and jaw-dropping anecdotes. Like the newly pregnant mom who had a dream about a co-worker telling her she was having a boy—and nine months later she did. Or the third-trimester mom who just knew in her gut that her fetus was in breech position despite her obstetrician’s denials. After 24 hours of labor, she and the doctor discovered she had been right.But is mothers’ …

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The name wars: How to pick a baby name without the battle

Early in my pregnancy, my husband and I decided that since our baby boy would have David’s last name, he should have an Italian first name, to keep my family’s heritage alive. Incredibly, the two of us were instantly in agreement about the perfect name.“Giovanni,” nodded my husband. “That’s it. That’s our boy.” It was sweet harmony… until we told my family.“Oh no!” groaned my mother. “I hate it! So old- fashioned!”“My husband had an uncle Giovanni,” …

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Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about napping while pregnant

During her third trimester of pregnancy,Vivian Malauulu, of Long Beach, CA, craved sleep even more than chocolate. As a high school theater director, she frequently dozed during rehearsals in the comfortable darkness of the auditorium. When she awoke, she would yell, “Take it from the top!” so none of her students knew her secret.According to the 2007 Sleep in America Poll by the National Sleep Foundation, more than half of pregnant women take at least two naps each week. In the same …

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Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan welcome first child

Congrats are in order for brand new parents, actress Carey Mulligan and musician Marcus Mumford! “Carey has given birth to a healthy and happy baby,” a source told People.com. “She is just enjoying this time with her family and close friends.”Source: Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan Welcome First Child People.com

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The doc is in: Your pregnancy questions answered!

Pregnancy Magazine's obstetrician, Dr. Stephen Weiss, answers your pressing prenatal questions. Today, he's talking about pregnancy-safe skincare. If you missed our first installment with Dr. Weiss, you can check out his first trimester Q&A here. Safe skincare  Q: I recently read that salicylic acid isn’t safe during pregnancy, but I’ve been using 0.5-percent products because my doctor said it was OK. My research uncovered conflicting information. Are products containing …

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New poll: Will you breastfeed in public?

 Do you plan to breastfeed in public?

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You know you’re expecting a baby if…

Here are 11 strange, laughable, and totally feasible signs you have a baby on the way:1. You enter a room and the first thing you do is frantically scan it for a trash bin - just in case a wave of nausea should strike.2. Similarly, any time you visit a new office building, shopping center, or home, you automatically pinpoint where the restrooms are. After all, you need to pee almost every minute and you won’t have time to wait around for directions.3. Between your burgeoning …

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How to create a safer, eco-friendly nursery

Whether you’re a Sierra Club card carrying vegetarian or don’t think twice about throwing plastic bottles in the trash, there’s nothing like being pregnant to make you want to live a more environmentally conscious life. The nursery is one place where your eco-friendly intentions and action can converge. With a few smart choices, you can create a healthy home environment for your little one. For ideas on how you can choose to green baby’s space and create an eco-friendly …

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