New poll: Will you breastfeed in public?

 Do you plan to breastfeed in public?

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You know you’re expecting a baby if…

Here are 11 strange, laughable, and totally feasible signs you have a baby on the way:1. You enter a room and the first thing you do is frantically scan it for a trash bin - just in case a wave of nausea should strike.2. Similarly, any time you visit a new office building, shopping center, or home, you automatically pinpoint where the restrooms are. After all, you need to pee almost every minute and you won’t have time to wait around for directions.3. Between your burgeoning …

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How to create a safer, eco-friendly nursery

Whether you’re a Sierra Club card carrying vegetarian or don’t think twice about throwing plastic bottles in the trash, there’s nothing like being pregnant to make you want to live a more environmentally conscious life. The nursery is one place where your eco-friendly intentions and action can converge. With a few smart choices, you can create a healthy home environment for your little one. For ideas on how you can choose to green baby’s space and create an eco-friendly …

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Bad at math? Blame your mom’s pregnancy hormones.

Low math scores at school? Science says you can blame it on your mom. A recent study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology suggests that pregnant women who showed lower levels of thyroid hormones birthed children who later struggled with arithmetic.The study follows up earlier research that linked a decrease in maternal thyroxine, a thyroid hormone, to poor mental development during infancy. Until now, scientists have been unclear how such a finding would play out later in …

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Simple tips for a more peaceful nursery

Creating harmony in baby's room  Newborns can benefit from balance in their lives, and with a nursery designed according to the Chinese art of feng shui, “the child will be at peace and naturally sleep well,” says Valerie Bogdan, a feng shui consultant in Long Branch, NJ.Feng shui is deeply rooted in nature and simplicity. Bogdan recommends organic bedding, natural-fiber carpet, full-spectrum light bulbs that provide natural light, and paint instead of wallpaper. “You want …

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Your morning sickness diet

Here’s how to find healthy foods you can keep down, so you can power through your first trimester of pregnancy!Prior to getting pregnant, there was nothing I loved more than a juicy grilled chicken sandwich or some pulled pork piled high with fried onions. But somewhere in my second month, that all changed. Just the thought of meat made me nauseous; the smell of it cooking sent me running to the toilet. As the list of foods I was avoiding began to mount, I …

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How to achieve a safer, less toxic home for baby

Dump that caddy of toxic potions and make your nest as safe as it is cleanI’ll never forget the moment I found out I was pregnant for the first time: the excitement, the overwhelming joy, and then, of course, the panic. The idea of being responsible for something so small and vulnerable was enough to make me... well, it actually made me open my cleaning cabinets and take a good, hard look at the chemicals that made my house sparkle and smell fresh.I’d been eating …

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How not to keep your pregnancy secret

Fortunately, my wife had a bout of chronic stomach pain a couple of weeks after we found out she was pregnant. One night she woke up in excruciating pain and I knew at once that we had to get to hospital. About eight sleepless hours and all manner of pain meds— from aspirin to horse tranquilizer—later, she dozed in a ward just off the emergency room, with me curled up on my coat on the floor nearby.I term this most horrid event as “fortunate” because every cloud has a silver lining. …

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The pregnancy-safe way to beat cold and flu

Pregnancy may guarantee you a seat on the bus, but it doesn’t grant you a free pass from germs. In fact, your developing baby puts your immune system into relaxation mode, making you more susceptible to everyday illnesses. This dip in resistance may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s crucial—if your body didn’t surrender to foreign bodies, it might actually reject your fetus.Fortunately, most doctors agree that common germs won’t impact baby’s health. “The protective barrier …

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Your first trimester questions – answered!

All right, moms-to-be, the doctor is in! Our OB, Dr. Stephen Weiss, answers your first trimester questions. Smoked out Q: I’ve been to a few parties this winter where I can smell smoke from a fire in the fireplace. I’ve read that breathing smoke can be harmful for a fetus. How seriously should I take that warning?A: Burning wood in the fireplace is generally safe during pregnancy, if the chimney is operating properly and carries away the majority of the smoke and carbon …

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