Anne Hathaway expecting first child

We hear congratulations are in order for actress Anne Hathaway and her husband, Adam Shulman. reports that Hathaway is in her second trimester and feeling great. This will be the first child for the happy couple, who opened up in 2013 that they'd like a big family. Congrats!Source: Anne Hathaway Expecting First ChildRead more: Gwen Stefani's mom identity crisis

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New poll: How long will you breastfeed?

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Don’t break the bank for baby

Preparing for baby's arrival can put a dent in your credit card if you're not careful. There's the basics to buy - car seat, crib, and diapers - and then all the frivolous items - adorable clothes, toys, and sweet blankets. Before pulling out your wallet next, ask yourself why you’re doing it. Here’s a quick gut-check for when you feel that urge to splurge on baby: What's my motive?  Your 1 year old is having a hard time mastering the spoon and bowl without sending Cheerios raining …

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The power of a birth plan

I didn’t want to write a birth plan. I tend to be a bit of an anxious person and, inside, I knew I was pretty tied to what birth I hoped to have (as natural as possible!). Writing it all down would have made my desires too firm, and my instincts told me it was crucial to be flexible. Well, at least as flexible as someone not-so go-with-the-flow can be.Luckily, my HMO had it covered with a simple page of questions and check-the-box answers. That way, when we were admitted, the nurses would …

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Weekend births may pose greater risk to mom, baby

Could the calendar date impact your health and that of your newborn baby? A new study, led by the Imperial College London and published in The British Medical Journal, seems to think so. According to the research, laboring moms and their babies experience higher rates of complications when admitted to the hospital over the weekend.The phenomenon, known as the weekend effect, has garnered a lot of attention from the medical community - but this study is the largest and most comprehensive of …

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Could this be the biggest danger to your baby?

Spread the word, crib bumpers may be cute - but they have potential to be deadly too. A new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics confirms what the American Academy of Pediatrics has been saying for years: there’s nothing safe about extra padding in an infant’s sleep space.Browse any baby store and you’re bound to find them - padded liners meant to keep your little one’s limbs from getting stuck between crib rungs. They’re often sold as part of a bedding set, even though …

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Your no-cost babymoon

She wants a weekend away before the baby comes. You’d rather put the cash toward that growing credit-card bill. Show her you can take care of it all with a super-deluxe, whatever-her-heart-desires babymoon—all from the comfort of your own home. If you’re not familiar with this word yet, you probably will be soon: “babymoon.” It’s a chance for the two of you to reconnect before baby comes. After all, it may be the last time for a few years that you’re actually alone in your …

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Dad’s guide to childbirth

Even though today it’s customary for fathers to be involved in childbirth, birth stories are littered with the casualties of men who didn’t rise to the occasion—when push came to shove.Elissa Stein learned this the hard way. During her first birth, her husband did little more than snap photos. Later, packing up to leave the hospital, she looked over to see the nurses serving him breakfast in bed. “Here I was, just given birth, packing up our stuff—and he’s being waited on,” …

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Should you induce labor?

A woman came into my exam room one afternoon, about 33 weeks into her pregnancy and asked to be induced because she was tired of being pregnant. I have had requests from moms wanting to deliver on specific dates (9/9/09, 10/10/0) and requests from grandmothers who are waiting (not very patiently) for the birth of their grandchild. In fact, requests for “social” inductions have become so common, more and more hospitals are adopting polices prohibiting the practice for first time moms prior …

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Doc, midwife, or doula?

You know which friends and family will be at the birth—but have you considered which experts you want there? The journey of labor and delivery isn’t a solo trip. Besides your family and partner, a whole team of supporters can guide you through. We checked in with Marisa Cohen, author of Deliver This: Make the Childbirth Choice That’s Right For You, to help you decide the right additions to your crew. Ob/gyns What they do: Doctors are called when it comes time for delivery. They’re …

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