Alicia Keys says son has a ‘Gerber baby giggle’

For Alicia Keys, motherhood is a joke - and her 8-month-old son is laughing!The new mom says her son Egypt Daoud, whose dad is Alicia's husband Swizz Beats, finds just about everything funny - and his bright, big smile and adorable giggle are "perfect," she adds. The youngster is constantly cracking a grin, even when his momma is telling grownup jokes."He loves to laugh! at everything. I'll say a joke that's totally a grown person's joke and he'll laugh. …

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How Laila Ali’s breastfeeding mistake might help you

Deciding whether or not to breastfeed your child is a highly personal decision that each new mother must make for herself. But Laila Ali, the daughter of legendary boxer Mohammed Ali, says that weaning her older children to a bottle was a mistake - and with her third, she hopes to be able to breastfeed naturally as long as she can.Ali started giving her now 2-year-old son C.J. a bottle after about a week, hoping to take some of the pressure of new motherhood off of herself and onto her …

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Sleeping on left or right during pregnancy? There is a “right” way

As your pregnancy progresses, finding a comfortable way to sleep can start to feel like an arduous task. With your giant belly in the way, lying on your stomach becomes impossible, and resting on your back can make it feel like your baby is crushing your internal organs. So what's the most comfortable and safest way for pregnant women to get their 40 winks?If you want to get a little shuteye while keeping things as comfy as possible for both you and your baby, you'll want to sleep on …

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Your diaper essentials

You might think that becoming a new parent is all cooing babies, warm milk bottles and adorable onesies, but there is one part of parenting that no one likes to remember: diapers. Changing diapers is the most notoriously unwelcome part of parenthood, but it doesn't have to be a dreaded event. While we doubt you'll ever leap at the chance to change Junior's undies, these essentials will make the process much easier.1. Wipes. Baby wipes are essential to ensure a clean bottom …

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Breastfeeding tips for baby (and mom!)

Breastfeeding is natural, beautiful and enjoyable for many women, but it isn't always easy. While most experts agree that mother's milk is the best nourishment for infants, nursing can be a challenge for those with sensitive skin, larger breasts or babies who have difficulties latching on. If you want to nurse your little one and have had some difficulties with the process so far, here are a few tips. It might seem logical to lay your baby in your lap and bend down to feed her, but this …

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Packing for the hospital – three things to consider

Whether you've been ready for weeks or your water breaks unexpectedly in the middle of the night, going into labor is exciting, anxiety-ridden and scary all at once. Just remember, you're not the first to do it - hundreds of thousands of women give birth every single day, and they've been doing it for millions of years. Once you're certain you're in labor, however, there are lots of things you should grab before you run to the hospital in order to make your delivery as easy …

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Is it a boy or girl? Some old wives’ tales that may predict the outcome

If you're waiting until your delivery date to find out if you're having a little boy or a little girl, the suspense must be killing you! Although it's exciting to surprise yourself, it's also fun to indulge some old wives' tales and see if you can't guess what Junior's gender will be once he or she finally arrives. Here are a few old-fashioned ways to predict which sex you're expecting. 1. The pendulum test. To try this one out, tie a piece of your hair around a …

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How the Beckhams’ new daughter got her name

Victoria and David Beckham have just become parents for the fourth time! Posh and her famous footballer husband have welcomed their first girl to the family, and her name is Harper Seven. The Beckhams already have three boys - Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6 - so their crazy-baby-naming skills are already well-honed. So how did the new parents settle on the name Harper? And what's the deal with Seven? Well, according to People magazine, the story's not that complicated. Harper is an …

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How accurate is your due date?

As soon as you find out you're pregnant, the first thing that comes to mind is, "When will my baby be here?" Of course, calculating the exact date that your little one will arrive is a very inexact science. So when the doctor tells you the news, just how accurate can you expect it to be?Your due date is calculated from the date of your last menstrual period, or LMP. Most women ovulate around the 14th day of their cycles, and the average pregnancy lasts 280 days, or 40 weeks, from the LMP …

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Battling unexpected emotions during pregnancy? You’re not alone

You may have thought it was only a stereotype that pregnant women are emotionally volatile, but if you're currently in a family way, then you know that this is one old myth that has plenty of truth behind it. If you've spent half of your pregnancy crying and the other half humming with joy - with the occasional bout of unexplained anger - then you know weird emotions are just par for the course when it comes to becoming a parent. Here are a few of the more unexpected ways you might feel …

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