Urbansitter – an Online Booking Network for Babysitters

One Thursday morning my husband and I found ourselves gifted with a reservation to the hottest restaurant in town – not just any dining establishment but the number one restaurant in America at the time. We should have been high fiving one another but instead we were on a desperate quest for a …

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The Perfect Diaper Pail – The Ubbi

My search for the perfect diaper pail is over!  The Ubbi Diaper Pail delivers in a stylish and sleek package.  No longer does the stench of dirty diapers pervade the baby's room long after the last change.  The pail really does seal in the odors.  Since it’s made of metal, the smell doesn’t …

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Tamiko – a European clothing line for preemies

I recently introduced a good friend and new mom of twin girls to Tamiko, a clothing line especially designed for premature babies and originally created in Europe. Tamiko collaborated with doctors and nurses to create garments that address the challenges posed by the realities of a nicu setting. …

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My Savior: The Kelty Transit Backpack

The Kelty Transit 3.0 Backpack arrived just in time! My large seven month old was more than ready to have a better view of his surroundings. Initially, he loved being nestled against my chest in the Ergo (another carrier I love) but he now was ready to check out the world. Before the pack arrived, …

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