Satsuma Nursing Pads

Satsuma nursing pads are fantastic! I selected them because they are organic and made with bamboo. I had read that for washable nursing pads bamboo is the most absorbent and non-irritating.  I have had no skin/nipple irritation, and my skin does seem to be more sensitive than most, especially when …

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Mbaby Onester & Sleepster

We tried the mbaby onester and sleepster because of its advertised double-layer front. Our baby doesn't like being swaddled, but then seems to struggle with being hot and cold throughout naptimes and nighttime. We’ve been adjusting the room temperature, but we live in CA and it really never is …

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Ollie & Bess Alligator Clothing Collection

I love the Ollie & Bess Alligator Collection. The print is absolutely darling, easily one of my favorite prints/designs out there. We did not know the gender of our baby, and were being inundated with green/yellow, very gender neutral baby colored clothes. This is probably one of the reasons …

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Boon Fresh Changing Station

We have two diaper changing stations and the Boon Fresh is definitely our favorite. First of all, it nicely secures to the dresser we placed it upon, keeping everything stable when our little wiggler tries to wiggle off. The concave shape nicely nestles baby in, so I am not anxious about baby …

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