What having a baby REALLY feels like

When I was in my third trimester, the burning question on my mind was, “How will I know when I’m in labor? What will it feel like?” Now I know every labor, like every baby, is unique. But here’s the insider’s perspective on what childbirth felt like for four real moms. Labor “The …

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How to create a perfect nursery for less

One night, when I was about 20 weeks pregnant, my husband came home to find me in tears, selling off our clothes on eBay and looking for a second job. “We can’t afford this baby!” I cried. According to the various sources I’d consulted, caring for a baby required thousands of dollars worth …

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Sleep breathing problems during pregnancy

Problem SleepHelpful advice for those who don’t breathe easy overnight. By the end of your pregnancy, getting a good night’s sleep is nothing more than a pipe dream. Between the back pain, leg cramps, baby kicks, and squashed bladder, you’re in and out of bed so much, it feels like a …

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Basic Baby Care

A simple guide for complicated parents.Most new parents confess to feeling two equally strong emotions at the birth of their baby: awesome, heart-wrenching love and total terror. It’s no wonder why: You suddenly have in your possession a tiny creature whose around-the-clock care is entirely …

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