The ‘best’ baby toys don’t do anything

This holiday, give little ones a gift that lasts a lifetime—imagination. Here's how:   Parents instinctively want to provide the best toys for their little ones, but what makes a toy the “best”? Most early-childhood educators agree that when it comes to choosing toys for developing young …

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Study up: Pregnancy vocab you need to know

Some words just aren’t taught in grammar school. If you think “Braxton Hicks” sounds more like Ashton Kutcher’s Hollywood rival than the “practice” labor pains you’ll experience in the third trimester, here’s a vocabulary lesson to help you better understand the key terms you’ll …

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Non-Invasive prenatal testing endorsed for women of all ages

In the early stages of pregnancy, soon-to-be parents are often filled with joy and also some worry. Common concerns range from paying for childcare to more serious questions about the baby’s development. Nine months is a long time to wonder if the baby you’re carrying is healthy.Major …

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Forget the Pill: healthier, safer birth control for new moms

I am often asked about the best birth control options for new moms. Many medical professionals believe that right after giving birth, a woman is extremely fertile. However, if a new mom is breastfeeding, this is not necessarily the case. Regardless, if you don’t want to get pregnant soon after …

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LifeCell Body Butter Review

As a new mom, I have high standards for my pared-down, simple beauty routine: I have time for only a few products in the morning, so the ones I do choose better do their job—and do it well.So, when South Beach Skincare offered to supply me with their ultra-luxurious LifeCell Body Butter to …

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Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bathtub Review

Our little guy was born on the smaller side. In a traditional infant tub, he liked bath time, but would get cold after a few minutes and wanted out. I was given the opportunity to try the Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bathtub and with this tub, the gentle waterfall circulates the water down the …

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How to co-parent with an ex

It may not be your ideal parenting situation, co-parenting with a partner you don't co-habitate with, but it can be done - and peacefully, too. No matter your circumstances, whether you're separated, divorced, or never intended to be together, you can ensure you share parenting duties without …

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Lilly Pilly Baby Review

I love it when a product comes into your life, and totally improves your day-to-day living. For me, that was the day my complimentary Lenny Lamb baby carrier arrived from Lilly Pilly Baby, a natural and organic online boutique.As a veteran baby wearer, I’ve had my fair share of discomfort …

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How to survive nighttime nursing sessions

As you probably know, breastfeeding provides countless benefits to you, your baby, and your family. Although as comforting and healthy as breastfeeding can be, it is not always easy in the first few weeks after giving birth—especially at night. To help moms feel a bit more at ease when handling …

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How to be cool in your new #momlife

When I found out I was pregnant, I freaked out. I knew I wanted to have kids eventually but having one so soon was definitely not my plan. It was 2009 and the economy was melting down like a Twitter celeb on Ambien. I lost my job at an art restoration firm in Chicago. No one was hiring—and even …

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