“Kangaroo Care” and why it’s important

If you haven't heard of "kangaroo care," that's okay. It's what moms, dads, and most mammals instinctively do: we hold on tight to our new little babies to protect them and keep them warm. Unfortunately, in the modern world, some moms and dads aren't doing what comes naturally out of neglect or some misplaced notion that it's possible to "spoil" a baby. But even for the rest of us, a new analysis of over a thousand studies shows the value of doing a lot of what comes naturally.Kangaroo care …

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Must monitor for Zika in normal babies for months after birth

Mothers who have contracted the Zika virus breathe a huge sigh of relief when their baby is born without any signs of the abnormal head size at birth. However, recent data out of Brazil suggests that effects may be seen well after birth, reports the New York Times.Brazilian doctors found Zika-affected babies who were born completely normal but then showed later delayed neurodevelopment some five months after birth. Some even developed the hallmark defect microencephaly where the brain and …

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5 things you can do NOW to inspire awesome newborn sleep

By Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution for NewbornsOf all the new baby things you’re looking forward to, sleepless nights aren’t one of them! You’ve heard your friends’ horror stories of being woken up ten times a night, and just the thought of it makes you yawn. I have good news for you! There are many things that you can do to help your newborn sleep well, and five important tasks to put on your to-do list before your bundle even arrives. 1. Learn about newborn …

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How saving for college can fit into your life as a new mom

They say life changes when you become a mother. And in so many ways, it’s true. Your body, your family, and your perspective on the world will never be the same. Being a parent comes with its ups and downs, but for all the sleepless nights, each day you get to hold the most precious thing you have ever known.Remaining positive isn’t always easy. Especially when it comes to missing out on activities that were a regular part of your life before the baby. But what if foregoing those …

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Medical emergency? Keep these items in the nursery

Build a baby safety kit With a newborn on the way, you likely have all the essentials at the ready. The crib is assembled, the car seat installed, and diapers are stacked all neat in a row. But what about the little items that no one talks about?To ensure baby has his or her safest start--and you have the greatest peace of mind possible--keep this health and safety gear on hand. Everything listed below can help you and baby weather many a minor illness.Nasal syringe: This small rubber …

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How infant massage works wonders

Here's the rub: Make massage part of bedtime  Before my first son was born, I’d always considered myself a baby person. I racked up babysitting gigs as a teenager and even volunteered in the infant room at the local daycare in college. Once Ben arrived, though, I was surprised to find that staying at home with a newborn wasn’t as rewarding as I thought it would be.Then I discovered baby massage. It helped fill that difficult time in the late afternoon before my husband got …

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Why you should *never* shake a baby

Picture this: It’s the middle of the night and you’re six weeks into motherhood. Your hormones are going haywire. You’re exhausted. Breastfeeding is painful and your newborn just won’t stop screaming. Out of sheer frustration, you grab your little one who’s red-faced and open-mouthed, and, without thinking, you shake her.Nearly 50 percent of American adults don’t understand the serious danger of shaken baby syndrome. Shaking a newborn can cause brain damage and even result in …

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New poll: Are you ready for baby?

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Baby names inspired by springtime

If you're stuck on choosing a name for your little one, why not take inspiration from the seasons? With the beginning of spring comes a whole host of fresh and beautiful names to help you and your partner find the right match for your son or daughter. From floral and greenery to bubbling brooks and songbirds, springtime may open your eyes to a new baby name you'll love. Girls Iris: This girl's name has a double meaning, both of which have their roots in nature. An iris is a slender, purple …

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Does swaddling increase your baby’s risk for SIDS?

Open any major news site this week and you’re bound to come face-to-face with a startling headline linking the age-old practice of swaddling to an increased risk for sudden infant death. A new study published this month in the journal Pediatrics had researchers poring over data collected from 4 observational studies about SIDS and sleep safety.While some are crafting wildly sensational headlines around this research (e.g. Swaddling leads to SIDS!), the published study is really much more …

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