Munchkin Latch Bottle


I wish I had been given this bottle sooner!

As I get ready to return to work next month from maternity leave, I’ve been testing out quite a few bottles to see which ones work best for my two month old. I am exclusively breastfeeding, but started giving my little one a bottle a day at 4 weeks so that he would be able to transition without fuss once our nanny starts to feed him a bottle when I am at work. In the last 4 weeks we have now ¬†tried Munchkin, Dr. Brown’s, Medela’s Calma Bottle, the Avent Stage One and BornFree. The Munchkin Latch bottle has by far been the best in terms of getting our son to latch easily and reducing the amount of milk he spits up after.

The accordian like movement of the nipple allows it to move with my son as he repositions during his feeding. Whereas other bottles had milk dribbling down his chin during a feeding, there will no spills or dribbling milk when we used the Munchkin brand. I also like that the nipple itself is quite soft and easy for him to suck on. Other nipples that had a harder plastic feel (like Medela’s Calma) were more difficult for my son to suck from. I like that the nipple doesn’t release the milk too quickly, but also doesn’t require my son to have to really work for the milk and thus tire him out. The valve at the bottom of the bottle stops air for traveling through the milk and thus reduces my son’s gassiness and burps after a feeding.

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