Pleni Naturals Baby Skin Care Review

Pleni Naturals was created by a mom with extensive skin care experience. It's clear she brings her expertise to these baby products, which she has created from organic fruits and veggies. Very transparent about the ingredients used, Pleni Naturals is a small company with a big desire to do right by its customers. And the products show it.The company was generous enough to supply me with the Hair and Body Wash, Baby Balm, and Baby Oil for review. My toddler giggled at the illustrations on …

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Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bathtub Review

Our little guy was born on the smaller side. In a traditional infant tub, he liked bath time, but would get cold after a few minutes and wanted out. I was given the opportunity to try the Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bathtub and with this tub, the gentle waterfall circulates the water down the baby’s back and keeps him or her comfortable and warm. The oversized washcloth that comes with the tub can be placed over your little one’s chest to prevent chills and keep him or her nice and …

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Angelcare’s Near and Dear Bather

For my first child, I used the Summer Infant cot with mesh lining. While it was fine, it required me to bend over quite a bit, which I knew I wouldn’t be up for this time around. We knew on advance I would be having a planned C-Section and with a 17 month old toddler to also chase around the house, I wanted to plan for being as easy on body as I could. The Angelcare Near and Dear Bather has turned out to be a terrific idea. It’s not only my back and body that is thanking me, but my husband …

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Prince Lionheart weePOD® basix Potty Seat Review

My daughter has been potty trained since she was 18 months, which is amazing and I’m really grateful.  But perhaps I’m greedy – I want more.  I really don’t like cleaning the ”little potty” and won’t consider her fully trained until she can complete all the potty business without any assistance or any mess.  That means using the ”big potty” for all potty needs; and that’s where the Prince Lionheart weePod seat comes into …

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Blooming Bath Baby Bath

MSRP: $39.99 This tub is unlike any other tub. First, it is made of a very light, soft and cuddly material that will cradle your baby so comfortably you might wonder if they make these for adults. Second, due to its size and “blooming” effect, this tub is really only suitable for use in the sink rather than an adult tub. As its name suggests, this “tub” is shaped like a flower that will “bloom” based on how big your sink is and can be used in bathroom or kitchen …

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Summer Infant Cushy Cradler Baby Bath

MSRP: $39.99 The Cushy Cradler is a traditional tub, with a bit of comfort added in. When thinking of a tub for your baby, this is what comes to mind. It is light-weight and foamy, making it soft for newborns, with an incline for added support so baby doesn’t slip. It also comes with a clip-on sling for your infant’s first few sponge baths. Another feature of this tub is that it has a drain plug at the bottom of the tub, making it convenient to drain out the water at the …

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Naked by Boon

MSRP: $59.99 Boon products are designed like Apple products—clean, slick, and their design truly plays a function in the way they are meant to be used. Naked is no different from the rest of their products. Naked is a collapsible tub that expands. Its expansion feature is designed so that it can grow with your child from newborn through the first year. It has two legs that fold with features that support your child based on their size—for example, the recline position allows newborns to …

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Puj Tub

MSRP: $44.99 When looking for a baby bath tub that will contour to any sink, the Puj Tub is first on a lot of people’s minds. The soft, durable material makes you think it will last forever. A friend says she used it until her baby was 8 months old. The Puj is made of a non-slip material, which also contributes to this being one of the better in-sink baby tubs out there. Storage-wise, the tub has strategically placed hangers built in, allowing you to hang the tub behind your …

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Safety 1st Sink Snuggler Baby Bather

MSRP: $19.99 The Sink Snuggler is a very similar baby bath tub to the Puj, but at a lower price. Like the Puj, it has pre-scored folds so it can be form-fitting to any sink. The only real difference is that the Sink Snuggler’s material is a lot lighter and it comes in three alternative colors. The Snuggler is made out of a soft foam that, just like most of Safety 1st’s products, makes it very comfy for baby. Also, due to the softness of the foam, the way it contours to any …

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Bathing & Bath Tub Product Choices

Choosing any of these tubs will make it easier—and safer—to bathe your baby. Bathing baby can be a fun, relaxing experience for mom, dad, and baby. Or there can be times when things do not go as smoothly as one would like.Until the umbilical cord falls off, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you sponge bathe your baby no more than twice a week to prevent skin dryness and possible infections as her belly button heals – this can be up to 3 weeks.When …

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