Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bathtub Review


Our little guy was born on the smaller side. In a traditional infant tub, he liked bath time, but would get cold after a few minutes and wanted out. I was given the opportunity to try the Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bathtub and with this tub, the gentle waterfall circulates the water down the baby’s back and keeps him or her comfortable and warm. The oversized washcloth that comes with the tub can be placed over your little one’s chest to prevent chills and keep him or her nice and warm. The newborn bolster provides a soft cushion for support. The unique waterfall feature is perfect for those early days and baby’s first baths.

When we tried it, my son was out of the early newborn phase but still enjoyed reclining on the waterfall sling and feeling the water come down his back. There is a foam layer that kept him comfortable. The parent assist tray kept the rinse cup and necessary bath items within close reach, which was helpful with an excited, squirming baby. The bath was easy to put together, and figuring out the waterfall was a snap. The time between opening the box and having a bath was only a few minutes. We discovered that the waterfall works best with the water filled right to the fill line. The pump is fairly quiet and creates an additional relaxing sound. It does require batteries, but we have used the tub multiple times and the batteries have lasted.

The waterfall sling is easy to remove when he’s ready to transition to a toddler-sized tub. We will be able to use this product for a long time. At a retail price of $49.99, it is a comparable price point and worth it for the convenient features. This tub would be a great shower gift or registry addition. I would recommend this product to families.

— Amanda Onoro

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