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The Ubbi Diaper Pail deserves words that I never thought I would attribute to a diaper pail – beautiful, sleek and stink-free.  Made of stainless steel with rubber gaskets, this pail contains dirty diapers in a way that my previous plastic diaper bin never could.  We can now go an entire week from one cloth diaper pickup to the next without having to take the diapers outside midway to avoid the unpleasant smell of accumulating diapers.  Even without diapers, the plastic of my previous pail would reek of its previous contents as odors built up over time.  In contrast, the Ubbi’s stainless steel body prevents the absorption of odors and feels like it could serve us well for years to come.

Thoughtfully constructed, the Ubbi accepts tall, standard size kitchen trash bags so you don’t need to purchase Ubbi-specific bags, though they do offer both 20% recycled and biodegradable bags as well as a cloth liner option.  Just place the bag in the pail and secure it with the bag holder clip.  The entire bag tucks into the pail.  To use, open the lid by simply pushing down and sliding it open with one hand.  To make sure curious hands do not get into it, an additional lock can be applied by rotating a small safety lock at the top of the pail.  The sliding lid is a great alternative to the Diaper Champ’s rotating cover, as there’s less pail surface to come in contact with messy diapers, and it doesn’t create hard-to-clean crevices.  In addition to doing an even better job of keeping odors contained, it also makes for a smaller pail.  Speaking of size, don’t be fooled by the Ubbi’s compact looks.  When we first saw it, both my husband and I doubted that it would hold a week’s worth of dirty cloth diapers, but it has repeatedly done the trick!

Aesthetically, the Ubbi fits in nicely with room décor and doesn’t need to be hidden in a corner.  Choose from an assortment of tasteful colors.  Go neutral with a clean white or subtle gray.  Or, go bold with a bright blue, purple or pink.  You can even add cute, repositionable Ubbi decals (sold separately), if you choose, but the pail really doesn’t need any design enhancement.  It’s already gorgeous on its own.

Available for $79.99 at www.ubbiworld.com, the Ubbi Diaper Pail will exceed your diaper pail expectations and is worth every penny, because while you may not be able to avoid dirty diapers, you can  certainly can avoid the stink!

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