Milkies Milk Trays by Sensible Lines

These milk trays have made breast feeding easier. No more buying plastic baggies and having to find ways to thaw them quickly with fear of melting the plastic, then having to pour the bag into to the bottle.
I have found these trays to be most helpful to my husband. It’s easy for him to measure serving size and he no longer spills the milk out of the bag, wasting my precious gold! I usually fill a tray, freeze them, then put them in a zip lock freezer bag with the date on it, so I can continue to make more. It is much easier to pour the milk straight from the breast pump bottle to the tray, rather than a bag. For us, these work great and I even use these trays for freezing homemade baby food. I plan to use them for ice cubes when we switch to sippy cups in the future. We will never go back to bags.
Although the trays are great,  I would recommend one thing as a word of caution – do not put them in the dishwasher. Doing so may distort them to an extent that they won’t lay flat in the freezer anymore.  Also, be careful not to fill them too high. Overall, I can say I am very happy with these trays.

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