Zoli SUMO Snack Stacker


Snack stackers are the best kind of on-the-go solution for parents looking to pack snacks and/or formula for their children in their diaper bags. The SUMO Snack Stacker is one of the better designed products of its kind currently in the market. This product comes in a stack of 3 containers, each measuring 8 oz – a good size for either snacks or formula so your child doesn’t go hungry while you are out of the house…and you don’t end up rummaging for many small containers in your bag.

We have used this stacker for both dry snacks and fruit with a bit of juice. It holds up well with no leaks, making us a bit more comfortable when throwing it in the bag. There is nothing worse than rushing out of the house, throwing the snack container in your bag, then finding it has leaked all over the contents of baby’s bag when you stick your hand in it.

This product is a great addition for the diaper bag essential list.

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