The Teething Egg


The Teething Egg is a great alternative for parents looking for something different than just the ‘run of the mill’ teething toy. The Teething Egg is an adorable, high quality teething toy, meant for little ones going through that, all too frustrating stage (for both caregivers and baby!).

The Teething Egg is different from other teethers as it has a smooth, rubber textured exterior with a hard interior, in the shape of an egg. The Teething Egg can be attached by a cute printed clip, which can be used to clip to your baby’s clothes or attach to another toy (like a standing jumper). The Teething Egg is a good size and weight, big enough for my baby to hold in both hands; it also has a flat surface on one side so that it can’t roll away from her.

The toy has a very attractive and appealing look to it. It comes in bright, colorful, fun colors with a cute designed clasp. I often am stopped by other curious mothers inquiring about the toy and asking what it is. I appreciate that it comes with a clasp as it prevents from the teether not only getting lost but also from constantly dropping on the floor & collecting germs.

I really couldn’t find too many downsides to the Teething Egg; however, it might not appeal to all babies since there are no bumps or ridges to add to the texture of the toy (which is a common feature among teething toys). Also, due to the weight, I could see it hurting little heads if it got thrown or swung around.

As a mother and consumer, I appreciate having a ‘selection’ of different types of teething toys. I would say for the quality and the ‘uniqueness’ of the toy, it’s a good option for soothing your little one’s sore gums!


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