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From sensational, red carpet styles to rousing performances on the silver screen and stage, celebrities have a unique way of capturing the attention of others and influencing everyday life with their cutting-edge vision.

It’s no wonder then that celebrity pregnancies a source of tremendous excitement, not just for the stars themselves, but for their fans!

Whether it’s your favorite Hollywood duo – Brad and Angelina, anyone? – or a surprise announcement you never would have expected, when the stars are sporting baby bumps, it can often seem like the whole world is waiting and watching with baited breath.

Celebrities can be a source of inspiration for expectant moms. While some are notoriously tight-lipped about their pregnancies (we’re looking at you, Beyonce!), many stars have shared details about their experiences that have helped women gain a better sense of what their options are for birthing plans, maternity clothing and even getting back into pre-baby shape!

Celebrities can set the bar high, but they can also shed light on issues that occur as a result of pregnancy, like Kate Middleton’s announcement that she experienced a rare form of extreme morning sickness.

When they share their ups and their downs – like Jessica Simpson did when she struggled to lose weight following her first pregnancy – it can make celebs seem more real and in touch with the everyday issues that women encounter when they’re carrying a little bundle of joy.

But like with any pregnancy, the best is saved for last! Photos of adorable celebrity babies can be a real treat and help fans of famous folks feel more connected with their idols. They can also give fans a glimpse of a future star in the making!

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