Josh Kelley talks about his daughter

Josh Kelley may be married to one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood at the moment (or the most hated, depending on your feelings about the Knocked Up star), but it looks as though he has another girl in his life that’s just as important as Katherine Heigl – his two-and-a-half year-old daughter, Naleigh.

Kelley took the time to speak with about how he often goes from crooning country songs while on tour with the likes of Miranda Lambert to doing nothing but watching kiddie shows.

“I lose out to The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba,” he told the news outlet.

Kelley and Heigl adopted Naleigh from Korea when she was just 6-months old. The move was an especially emotional one for the beautiful blonde, as her sister, Meg, was also adopted from the East Asian country.

However, Josh admits that when he belts out a tune written specifically for his darling daughter, she is more inclined to pay attention.

“She loves it when I sing – if I’m playing the piano or guitar, she’ll come over and sing with me.”

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