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Finding out that you’re about to welcome a bouncing baby boy or girl into the world can be one of most exciting discoveries of your life, but realizing all the responsibilities that come with being a first time mother can initially be very overwhelming.

In the months leading up to your delivery, you’re likely to be doing plenty of planning in order to get your home ready for a baby. From picking out the perfect crib to decorating your nursery with a charming mural or other accents, there are a variety of tasks and renovations you can do to prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Relying on your partner and loved ones can abate feelings of nervousness surrounding the birth of the baby. Try to utilize this time by reading helpful material online or in books, joining groups for mothers and trying out other programs in your community that can allow you to learn more about parenthood.

Ultimately, what does it take to raise a child? While every little one is different, most mothers will tell you it boils down to a mix of love, patience and above all, a sense of humor. If you find yourself grappling with uncertainty in the weeks leading up to your baby’s arrival, just try to put it all in perspective.

Talking to friends, loved ones and coworkers with experience taking care of children can be a wonderful way to allay your anxiety and feelings of uncertainty – best of all, these people can be a resource to draw strength and guidance from when you’re feeling the most nervous.


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