Bye Bye Baby

July 25, 2012 by

For two years, I have taken care of Sam almost every day. When she turned one, we got two days of child-care, but even then, there were three days a week that she was mine, all mine.

This week we started her pre-school. It is three times a week. And coupled with the two days of childcare, that means I no longer have my Sam. Like, ever. There is not a single day in the week that we have to plan.

Both of us are adjusting. This morning, as she left the house, she refused to kiss me. I think she feels betrayed.

This is just our first week and I know it will get easier. Maybe. But if it doesn’t, I will be pulling her out of one day a week of the childcare. I need a day with my two-year-old who is still my baby.

Maybe I am just feeling emotional today because of this:

 Bye Bye Baby

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