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Frequently Asked Questions:

iPAD and iPHONE specific iTunes Store and Subscriptions

Q: I downloaded your app because it says “free.”  Now I’m asked to pay for the issues.

A:  The app itself is free and we include one free issue. You can purchase single copies, or an annual subscription, once you download the app. Single copies of Pregnancy Magazine are $2.99 and an annual subscription is $17.99. We always offer one of our issues for free within the app.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription or auto-renewing purchase?

A: To cancel your subscription using the iTunes store, please follow these steps:

You can turn off the automatic renewal and let the subscription to the digital publication run out by adjusting your settings within your iTunes Account. So start by logging into your iTunes/App Store account from either the computer or the iPad itself.
On the computer, open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store link on the left side of the window. In the Quick Links area on the right side of the Store’s main page, click the Account link. In the box that pops up, log in with the user name and password you use to buy things from Apple and then click the Account Info button. On the Account Information screen, scroll down to the Settings area and click the Manage link next to Subscriptions. On the next screen, click the name of the publication you’d like to cancel and set the button next to Auto-Renewal to Off. Click the Done button.

If you prefer to cancel your subscriptions on the iPad, tap the App Store icon. On the main Store screen, flick down to the bottom of the page, tap the Apple ID button and log in to see your account settings. In the Account box, tap the Manage link in the Subscriptions area and then tap the publication you’d like to cancel. Tap the title to get to the screen where you can tap the Auto-Renewal switch to Off, then tap the Done button to close the box.

Once you turn off the automatic renewal, you will stop receiving issues once the current subscription period runs out.  If you no longer want to see the issues in your subscription, the easiest thing to do is to delete the Pregnancy Magazine app entirely by holding your finger on the App icon until it shakes and then clicking the black & white  X.

If you have a moment, we’d like to know why you’re canceling. Please email us at support @ pregnancymagazine.com


Q:  I bought a subscription for a year, but only one magazine shows up.

A:  If you purchased your subscription prior to April 2012, only the first Pregnancy Magazine publication was available as a digital download. As the remaining magazines in your subscription are published, they will be available for download.  The remaining magazines will come out every two months for a total of six in 2012.


iPAD and iPHONE specific

Q: I need to reload my magazine and I forgot my user name or password for access.

Please e-mail support@pregnancymagazine.com from the email you used at setup account and we will respond with your password.


Q: My download started, but now it just hangs.

A: We recommend closing the app and starting the download again.  The problem could be anything from an iPad glitch to a very short break in your WIFI connection.

To exit the app, open another app and then click on the home button two times, fast.  You should see the Pregnancy icon in the row of buttons.  Click and hold that icon until a ” – ” shows up, and then click on that.  This doesn’t delete the app — it just shuts it down completely.  Then start the download again.


Q:  The app says “requires internet to open” sometimes though I often read it without WIFI.

A:  This appears to be an issue with iTunes apps with content that optionally uses internet links.  We’ve found the best way around this is simply to close and re-open the magazine.


Q:  The app keeps crashing. What is wrong with it?

A: We’ve done significant testing on the app, but each iPad is slightly different and crashes do occur on all types of apps. If your app is crashing continuously, we recommend deleting it and reinstalling.  If you have your ID and password, you can immediately download the magazine again and continue your subscription. We’ve also found in personal experience that first generation iPads work less well with large data users like magazines and newspapers.


Q: I downloaded the app and it shows when I search for it, but doesn’t start or load.

A: Most problems like this can be solved by quitting the app, or ultimately by deleting the app in iTunes and downloading it again.

You do not have to delete and re-install.  You just have to fully close out the app.  On your iPad if you double click the home button a banner of all your running/open apps will show at the bottom.  You will have to press and hold the app icon until it starts shaking (just like when you’re deleting/uninstalling from the home page) and you will close it out from here  by clicking on the X.  Once you re-open the app you will see the update.  There is not a 24hr wait time.

The addition/deletion of links is automatic as well but again you will have to fully close out your app and re-open it to see the changes.

Please note that fully closing an app from your iPad is an iPad process and would be found in your iPad documentation.


Email support@pregnancymagazine.com if your question wasn’t answered in the FAQs above.  If you have other editorial questions, please visit our Contact page.

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