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Support for single mothers


Babies are a source of joy and excitement, yet they can also be a handful. Women who are raising their children without a partner face tremendous obstacles, but support for single mothers is out there

What kind of challenges do single parents face? Mothers who are raising their children without a partner often are compelled to take additional jobs in order to provide for the material needs of their sons and daughters, which can leave them with less time to spend at home directly caring for their little ones.

Friends and family can be invaluable resources during this time. By offering to take care of children while women are away from the home, loved ones can give support for single mothers and ensure that kids are well-cared for. Relatives can serve as a network for single mothers to derive advice, helpful feedback and recommendations for a range of services.

Best of all, loved ones can help relieve the stress that single mothers sometimes face by providing an outlet with which to discuss feelings about parenting.

Being a single mother poses a unique set of challenges that can take some getting used to. While households with one parent can be happy and filled with love, women may occasionally struggle with balancing the demands of caring for a child and a home.

In addition to friends and family, support groups can provide women with a sense of comfort and understanding. Whether online or in the community, groups comprised of fellow single moms can help women build a sense of community and connectedness with others.

Participants in the support group can help women tackle situations that emerge in a positive and beneficial way. Groups operated by non-profit organizations or churches can also be a significant resource to single mothers.


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