Drive Time

By Jeri TulleyKnow Your Needs Before purchasing a car seat, think about your driving habits, priorities, and budget. Do you run a lot of errands where the convenience of an infant carrier is needed? An extra base is handy if you’ll frequently switch vehicles. For long-distance drivers, extra padding and additional safety features such as side--impact protection are worth the additional expense. When pricing seats, be aware of the height and weight limits of your options. When …

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The Art of the Transfer

By Vanessa Geneva AhernDuring my daughter’s infancy, I would make mental to-do lists of tasks I’d get done during her afternoon power nap…only to get stuck in a “nap trap” if my transfer to her crib was the slightest bit clumsy.Co-founders of Dream Team Baby, a company that counsels tired parents with baby sleep issues, Kira Ryan and Conner Herman say that most of their clients struggle with nap time issues. Follow these tips for mastering the transfer, and maybe …

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Double Trouble

By Lisa FieldsTwice as many diapers to change; two babies wailing at once; double the laundry. As soon as you’re handed two—or more!—bundles of joy at the hospital, you’ll realize you’re about to have a very different experience from the other moms you know. To create some order in your new life, parents of multiples say it’s best to follow a plan from day one.“A good routine helps twins start sleeping through the night, helps mom have some much-needed down time, and …

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Last Call

By Nancy RiptonI was confident I would stop breastfeeding my son by the time he was 6 months old, but Bode had other ideas. When it came time to introduce a bottle, he pushed, screamed, and absolutely refused to take it. I tried different nipple flows. I gave him a sippy cup. My husband attempted to give him formula. Nothing worked.On the rare occasion when I had to go to out for the day, leaving him for eight-plus hours, he would refuse to drink until I got home. This went on …

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At Your Service

By Pamela BrillAfter the birth of my second daughter, I had to accept my limitations as a mother: I had an emergency C-section and was unprepared for the medical restrictions that went along with it. Unable to drive, and thus make quick runs to the store, I realized I was rather helpless.Then, by some miracle, I remembered seeing a Peapod delivery truck in our neighborhood and thought I might try ordering groceries online. A few clicks of the mouse, and it wasn’t long before I had …

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Baby Names Around The World

Finding it hard to pick a name? Consider following one of these cultural traditions.• Many African tribes have very rigid traditions for naming their children. Some tribes name the child after relatives using a specific, and sometimes complicated, order. Others name the child according to the place, time, or circumstances of the birth.• After a baby is born in Thailand, parents often ask the family priest to choose the name. The priest takes into consideration the day of the week …

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What’s the Fuss?

By Dawn PapandreaEvery night, 6:30 p.m. was the “witching hour”—the time when my infant son would begin crying uncontrollably. I’m not talking about “feed me” and “change me” cries—I quickly became a pro at addressing those. This was a whole other kind of crying, for which nothing I did seemed to matter, and the only thing I could do (and did!) was join the crying chorus myself.“Crying, even a lot of crying, really is normal and is not an indication that you are …

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