Last Call

By Nancy RiptonI was confident I would stop breastfeeding my son by the time he was 6 months old, but Bode had other ideas. When it came time to introduce a bottle, he pushed, screamed, and absolutely refused to take it. I tried different nipple flows. I gave him a sippy cup. My husband attempted to give him formula. Nothing worked.On the rare occasion when I had to go to out for the day, leaving him for eight-plus hours, he would refuse to drink until I got home. This went on …

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At Your Service

By Pamela BrillAfter the birth of my second daughter, I had to accept my limitations as a mother: I had an emergency C-section and was unprepared for the medical restrictions that went along with it. Unable to drive, and thus make quick runs to the store, I realized I was rather helpless.Then, by some miracle, I remembered seeing a Peapod delivery truck in our neighborhood and thought I might try ordering groceries online. A few clicks of the mouse, and it wasn’t long before I had …

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Baby Names Around The World

Finding it hard to pick a name? Consider following one of these cultural traditions.• Many African tribes have very rigid traditions for naming their children. Some tribes name the child after relatives using a specific, and sometimes complicated, order. Others name the child according to the place, time, or circumstances of the birth.• After a baby is born in Thailand, parents often ask the family priest to choose the name. The priest takes into consideration the day of the week …

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What’s the Fuss?

By Dawn PapandreaEvery night, 6:30 p.m. was the “witching hour”—the time when my infant son would begin crying uncontrollably. I’m not talking about “feed me” and “change me” cries—I quickly became a pro at addressing those. This was a whole other kind of crying, for which nothing I did seemed to matter, and the only thing I could do (and did!) was join the crying chorus myself.“Crying, even a lot of crying, really is normal and is not an indication that you are …

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