There’s more to a “clean” home than what Marie Kondo teaches


Normally we think about health as it relates to food, exercise, and mindset, but we rarely think about how our home and environment can be impacting us.

Kate Hamblet is an architect and founder of Balanced Home, Balanced Life, and Balanced Architecture. She’s got some great tips for us to clean our homes (not in the Marie Kondo kinda way, but just as important- maybe even more so!)

According to Kate, the indoor air quality we’re breathing can be more toxic than the air outside. For this reason and many more, Kate shares ways to create a clean and toxin-free home, especially for families bringing home a brand new baby.

Try a few of these simple ways to “clean” your home and reduce the amount of toxic chemicals and products typically found in the products used in our homes today.

  1. Improve air quality by adding live plants to your home. Spider Plant, Boston Fern, and Peace Lily are great ones to buy… cleaning the air and adding color and happiness to your home.
  2. Use Zero VOC paint, especially in your baby’s nursery. Bioshield, Lullaby Paints, and Benjamin Moore have great Zero VOC paints to choose from.
  3. Avoid furnishings with formaldehyde and particle board. Look for solid wood furniture and frames whenever possible.

Looking for more recommendations? Listen to episode 27 of the Pure Nurture Podcast and download the free Healthy Nursery and Home Guide here.

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