CYBEX 2.GO Baby Carrier

MSRP: $119.958-44 lbswww.cybex-online.comWith five carrying positions, the 2.GO is one of the most versatile carriers on the market. Carry your child facing in, facing out, on your hip, on your back or in mobility position, where the top of the carrier folds down—great for older kids who are heavy and active but still love to be carried. This carrier conforms to your child’s body with two zippers. First, unzip the head support to give your child room to look around or …

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Buyers Guide
MSRP:  $59.95 Bitybean’s UltraCompact Carrier is a cleverly, compact, child carrier, designed and engineered with state of the art materials for ease and comfort for active families. Weighing just 8 ounces and smaller than a water bottle, the UltraCompact Carrier fits in any bag or purse. Allowing for convertible front and back carry for children 3 months or 8-40 pounds. It is available in 4 stylish colors.

Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier

MSRP: $39.99 8-36 lbs The Infantino Sync provides the closeness and comfort of a traditional wrap with the extra security and support of a buckled waistband that distributes weight to your hips. While the Sync has a lot of fabric like most wraps, it’s less confusing to put on, as the waistband provides a clear place to start. Made of two different fabrics, the non-stretch woven panels are lightweight, breathable fabric that hold baby in place while the soft knit straps …

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Baby Carrier Roundup

Know you want to keep baby close, but not sure which carrier is right for you? Here’s our take on some of the best on the market. Keeping baby close is a natural desire as both mom and baby wean themselves from three trimesters of very close proximity. For the newborn, baby carriers ease the transition by keeping baby snug, safe and close enough to experience mom’s scent, warmth and heartbeat. This bonding time has been shown to provide numerous benefits, from lessening crying to …

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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original

MSRP: $79.998-25 lbswww.babybjorn.comFrom a pioneer of soft-structured carriers for almost 40 years, the BabyBjorn Original is THE classic baby carrier. Their basic model, the Original offers comfortable support at an affordable price point. It fits newborns without additional inserts and adjusts to your child’s height with the help of a convenient measuring chart. As baby grows, she has the option of facing in or facing out to engage with her surroundings. BabyBjorn …

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Britax Baby Carrier

MSRP: $129.99-139.998-32 lbswww.britaxusa.comA trusted leader known for top-of-the-line car seats and strollers, Britax delivers an easy-touse, comfortable carrier that accommodates newborns through toddlers. A removable infant insert zips into the interior of the pouch to elevate infants, should the full-sized carrier be too deep. More straightforward than other carriers, simply lift it over your head to put it on—no hard-to-reach buckles behind the shoulder blades. Then, …

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ErgoBaby Original Bundle of Joy Carrier

MSRP: $115-120 + $25 for insert ($38 for Performance Insert) Up to 45 lbs (7-12 lbs with infant insert to support head and neck of newborns to 4-5 months) As the name implies, ErgoBaby is known for comfort, even as baby nears the upper end of a very generous weight limit. From the moment you put this carrier on, you’ll appreciate the high-density padding in the shoulder straps and waist belt. The wide seat keeps baby’s legs spread in what some prefer as a more natural …

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Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

MSRP: $44.95 (available in 100% organic cotton for $59.95)Birth to 35 lbswww.mobywrap.comWhen parents think of a wrap, many of them go straight to the Moby, which consists of a large swath of fabric that can be arranged to hold baby in several facing-in positions including hug, hip and kangaroo holds. While it can be tricky to navigate so much fabric the first few times, Moby provides great step-by-step visual instructions as well as online videos to walk you through the …

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Moby GO Child Carrier

If you loved your Moby Wrap for your newborn but lamented that you didn’t have a better solution as your child grew, you’ll be happy to learn that there’s now a Moby GO soft-structured carrier that’s made specifically for older, heavier kids.  Suited for children 15-45 lbs who have mastered head and neck control, this carrier follows in the tradition of the original wrap by providing a comfortable way to keep baby close throughout the day.  It’s designed to be worn in front with …

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7 A.M. Enfant baby carriers

The 7 A.M. Enfant’s Blanket 212 eveloution and Le Sac Igloo are perhaps some of the highest quality and best designed items I own for my two children.  I cannot give enough praise to these baby carrier covers.  I am so impressed by the design, function and quality. Pros:These baby carrier covers are multiple things in one.  They can be used as blankets, car seat covers, stroller covers and sleep sacs. They provide a range of warmth.  The B212 Evolution can be zipped up completely like a …

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My Savior: The Kelty Transit Backpack

The Kelty Transit 3.0 Backpack arrived just in time! My large seven month old was more than ready to have a better view of his surroundings. Initially, he loved being nestled against my chest in the Ergo (another carrier I love) but he now was ready to check out the world. Before the pack arrived, I was a bit skeptical as to its place in our line of carriers. We also own the Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Backpack which we use for hikes. I can now say that I am a believer and that the Transit has a …

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Buyers Guide
MSRP: $135 The idea that functional and beautiful everyday objects should be available to everyone is a core theme in Scandinavian design. With a Scandinavian foundation, the líllébaby® brand has been true to its roots and has shown a warm passion for combining functionality and style. Líllébaby® set out to make the best baby carrier in the world. It took years of research and old-fashioned hard work. líllébaby® did not just start as a mom with an idea for a product. It started with …
Baby K’tan Breeze baby carrier The Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier has the same great double-loop design as the original Baby K’tan but is made of 50% cotton and 50% breathable mesh. This cotton-mesh construction makes the carrier lightweight and breathable while still allowing parents and caregivers to wear their babies in multiple positions, without any complicated wrapping or buckling.            

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