Cub Co-Z Convertible Carrier and Diaper Bag


Calling all minimalist moms: The Cub Co-Z Convertible Carrier by Lil Cub Hub is a compact diaper bag that easily converts into a carrier for baby with just one zip.

I was very eager to try the new Cub Co-Z Convertible Carrier as I am a firm believer that less is more when trying to go anywhere with babies. This is especially true when you are the mother of twins and a double stroller just doesn’t fit everywhere that you do.

Anything that reduces the amount of things I have to keep track of is a good idea in my book. When I first received the Cub Co-Z, the bag looked so small I wasn’t sure I would use it much. Turns out quite the opposite was true.

Compact and comfortable

The Cub Co-Z is a slightly smaller bag and that is what makes it the first thing I grab when I just want to run a quick errand and don’t want to lug the huge diaper bag that always gives me a shoulder ache.  This item is lightweight and easily has enough room for everything you need to run to the store or an appointment. The pockets feature velcro closures to keep everything in its place.

The carrier itself is very easy to use and quite comfortable to wear. Unlike one of the other fabric sling carriers I have, the fabric on the Cub Co-Z is much sturdier and doesn’t stretch out and require constant adjusting to keep your baby in position.

The best part of  the design is that everything is still right there in easy reach for you but out of baby’s moving hands when you convert the bag. I have had to wash it now a few times and can say it does just fine: again not stretching or shrinking like some of the other fabric carriers. The color choices are fun, though I have a more neutral color so my husband can use it as well without feeling it is too feminine for his tastes.

If you are someone who values being able to grab one or two things and go this is the bag/carrier for you. I love my Cub Co-Z and would recommend it to anyone.

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