Baby K’Tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier


The Baby K’Tan ACTIVE is a very versatile baby carrier that allows for many different positions to carry your little one. The ACTIVE is a more breathable, mesh version of the original meant for more active activities. Something that I really like about this compared to other carriers, is how portable it is. My diaper bag is cramped enough as it is, but the K’Tan fits with ease. 

Putting on the K’Tan is much quicker process than with other carriers. It is extremely lightweight, which is a major bonus when you live in the Florida heat. The material is a stretch cotton and very soft, so comfort is another plus. I found it to be easier on my back than other carriers but that came with just a little more stress on the shoulders. I own the black K’Tan and love it in this color.  I wear a lot of athletic gear and it goes with everything. Another nice thing about black is that it has a slimming effect. 

My baby seems to like the K’Tan just fine. I’ve noticed he doesn’t sweat in this since the fabric is very breathable. It provides UVA and UVB protection, which I find to be a critical feature here in Florida. When it comes to nursing, the K’tan does provide privacy but it is taking some getting used to in order to get my baby in the correct position for this. I find using one loop works best.

An issue I had with other carriers, is that the straps tend to accentuate the “muffin top” that many new moms tend to deal with. The K’Tan sits higher on your shoulders and back so it prevents this problem for self conscious mothers like myself. 

I’m very happy with the K’Tan and believe it will be a mainstay for us. 

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