Bitybean UltraCompact Carrier


“UltraCompact” is not an exaggeration. The Bitybean Carrier is amazingly small, packing up to the size of a soda can while maintaining safety and comfort. This is an awesome feat that can be appreciated by parents everywhere who’ve been caught out and about with a child and no carrier. You know the moment. You’re out running a quick errand, when suddenly you realize it’s not so quick and you could really use your hands to carry packages in addition to your baby. Or, it’s a beautiful day and you detour to enjoy a nice hike, only to play rock, paper, scissors with your partner to determine who gets to hold baby for the duration of the outing because neither of you thought to bring a stroller or carrier. Well, now Bitybean makes it easier to have a carrier with you wherever you go!

The Bitybean UltraCompact Carrier rolls up into a small cylinder and fits inside of an accompanying mesh pouch. Pull the drawstring closed and toss the carrier into your glove compartment, so that it’s always there whenever you need it. It’s just 8 ounces, making it an easy addition to a purse or diaper bag as well. With everything else I need to carry for baby, small and light is ideal, and seeing these characteristics in a baby carrier is a welcome contrast to the bulk of most other models.

Versatile, the Bitybean UltraCompact Carrier lets you carry baby in front, facing in, from 8 – 25 pounds or on your back from 15-40 pounds. As with most carriers, you just want to make sure that baby is strong enough to hold her head up (roughly at 3 months) for front carry and able to sit up on her own (at about 6 months) for back carry. My 1 year old loved the carrier, and I found that the weight was surprisingly well distributed between shoulder straps and waist strap to accommodate extended carrying. To test the upper limit, I let my preschooler climb into the back position, and that was comfortable as well. That didn’t last long, however, as being in a carrier is novel for a 3 year old for only so long. Still, was good to know that the Bitybean has no trouble accommodating approximately 38 pounds.

Made from a nylon/polyester blend ripstop, the Bitybean carrier is strong, thin and lightweight. Ripstop is the material commonly used for kites, tents and sails, so it’s proven to be great for high strength-to-weight ratios. It’s also fantastic for rough environments, so don’t worry about taking this carrier on the wettest, muddiest of hikes. It can take it! Afterwards, just hand wash or machine wash to clean. No need to throw in the dryer, as ripstop is also great for quick air drying. Another benefit of this material: it keeps the wearer cool, which is fantastic for both parent and child.

With so much ingenuity in material choice and construction, it’s no wonder that the Bitybean UltraCompact Carrier received a coveted JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) innovation award. You’ll also love that this carrier costs a mere $59. Should you want to add a hood for shade or a soft, fleece infant liner, these items are available separately from the Bitybean website. Choose a carrier from a variety of bright, fun colors at and never be without a carrier again.

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