Review: WiFi Baby 4 – Wireless Baby Monitor

The WiFi Baby 4 is the second wireless camera we’ve used as a monitor for our nursery. The first was Dropcam, which overall my husband and I liked, but thought there was room for improvement.  In terms of setup, the process is fairly easy but a little time consuming. The camera comes with a setup disc which you’ll use to setup the camera on your wifi network. In addition, if you want to use an app on an Android device to view the camera, you’ll have to download the TinyCam Monitor Pro …

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Buyers Guide
MSRP- $199.99 Always In View is a video, baby monitor designed exclusively for cars.  A high-definition camera placed inside the plush broadcasts images of the baby to a color monitor conveniently placed on the dashboard of the car.  A puppy, giraffe, or monkey plush, each with long arms and buckles on the palms, positions easily on the back headrest of the car.  The camera with infrared lighting allows viewing day or night.  By quickly glancing, drivers significantly reduce the risk …

Infanttech’s Always In View – Baby Monitor for Cars

One of the most nerve-wracking moments for a new parent can be the simple act of taking your baby for a drive in the car.  This is one of the few moments when you don’t have a direct line of sight to your child, and you’re powerless to reach for her if she’s crying.  For me, the even tenser moments were when I heard no sound at all.  Should I be worried or was she simply napping?  Most of us know that turning around to check on your child while driving can be a road hazard, but the …

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Lorex Baby Sweet Peek video baby monitor

Lorex BB2411 2.4-Inch Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor with IR Night Vision and Zoom$169.99 (but under $100 at Amazon)The Lorex Baby Sweet Peek monitor is a basic monitor entry in comparison to their other WIFI and networked security monitors. It has the simple functions you would expect from a monitor including night vision and portable viewing unit with 8 hours of battery life.  If also has 2-way talk so you have the option of talking to your baby from the other room. We've noted …

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Review: Motorola Blink Wi-Fi® Video Baby Monitor Camera

My husband and I live in a loft so when it came time to think about getting a baby monitor for our little one, our first question was, ”do we even need one?” We definitely didn’t need one of those traditional two-piece monitors since clearly, we can hear the baby screaming her lungs out from below our bedroom. That’s when we came across the Motorola Blink Wi-Fi® Video Baby Monitor Camera (MSRP $249.00) The camera is a single piece of hardware which you can view from …

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Review: Mobi Secure Start Baby Monitor

Mobi Secure StartMSRP: $149.99 2.0” high res color screen; night vision; 2-way audio; 400’ range The Secure Start has a lot of the basic features you will be looking for in a baby monitor: two- way talk, high res screen and night vision at a lower cost. However, you do pay a price in terms of a smaller 2” screen and a slightly lower 400 foot range, which may be an issue if you don’t live in an apartment. We like the included camera stand on the …

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Review: MobiCam Digital DXR

MobiCam Digital DXR MSRP: $229.99 3.5” color screen; night vision; 2-way audio; 450’ range; remote viewing via SKYPE and others Mobi makes the more geeky entries in this category with all the bells and whistles of the Withings and Peek Plus, but at a lower price. With the DXR, you have two-way talk, night vision, remote access, and a big 3.5 inch high resolution screen. You can also save video highlights to an SD card (not included) Like the Lorex and others, the DXR allows …

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Review: First Years Crisp & Clear Baby Monitor

MSRP: $99.99 1.8” color screen; night vision; 600’ rangethefirstyears.comWhile this First Years monitor doesn’t allow for remote viewing, it is one of a very few under $100 video monitors available. The lower price also means a few other sacrifices that might be worth making if you really want to have to have video capability in your baby monitor. For example, the screen is just adequate at 1.8”. A nice touch is that the screen illuminates automatically when the unit …

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Review: Philips AVENT Digital Monitor

Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor MSRP: $219 2.4” color screen; night vision; 492’ range The Philips AVENT monitor is a solid, but relatively expensive digital monitor. It uses DECT technology for a private connection. The screen is a good size at 2.4” and the range will be good in most homes. The camera itself looks like a round ball that can be cradled in a base, which makes it easy to adjust for direction. The baby camera unit can be used with the included AC …

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Review iZon Wireless Video Camera

MSRP: $129.50 No screen; Works with free iPad or iPhone app We love the sleek look of the IZON, which has the look and feel of an Apple product and sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. This is a monitor for design lovers. It was easy to set up using a simple QR code that collects informa – tion on your local network. It was simple to use on our iPad and iPhone, and allows you to add multiple IZON cameras and view them at the same time. The IZON has motion and …

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Review: Motorola MBP 36 Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision and Zoom, 2.8 Inch  MSRP: $249.993.5” screen; night vision; pan, tilt, and zoom camera; 2-way audio; 590’ rangeMotorola’s top model is a full-function monitor with all the features you need except for off-site viewing via Internet. Like the Lorex, it has a camera with a mechanical pan and tilt, as well as digital zoom when baby is ready for his close-up. The Motorola MBP 36 monitors the baby’s room for …

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