Review: WiFi Baby 4 – Wireless Baby Monitor


The WiFi Baby 4 is the second wireless camera we’ve used as a monitor for our nursery. The first was Dropcam, which overall my husband and I liked, but thought there was room for improvement. 

In terms of setup, the process is fairly easy but a little time consuming. The camera comes with a setup disc which you’ll use to setup the camera on your wifi network. In addition, if you want to use an app on an Android device to view the camera, you’ll have to download the TinyCam Monitor Pro app (about $4 in the Google Play store). WiFi Baby has a free app for iOS, but I did not test it. The setup for the Dropcam was much more “plug n play” and of course they have their own app, which was more convenient. 

Where the WiFi Baby 4 really shines is the picture quality. Even though both cameras are HD, we noticed a big upgrade with this camera over the Dropcam. We could see the nursery much clearer during the day AND night. Sometimes with the Dropcam we weren’t able to tell if our baby was on his side, back, or stomach – now there’s no more guessing. Another plus is that this camera provides a much wider viewing angle. This means we had a lot more options for where we could place it in our nursery and still see our baby clearly. 

The audio is a tossup when you compare with the Dropcam, but we think the WiFi Baby edges it out. The volume on the WiFi Baby didn’t seem as loud as the Dropcam, which at first we didn’t like. Then we realized, the WiFi baby just cuts out a lot of the white noise – meaning no hissing or static. We were still able to hear our baby clearly just as before but without a lot of the unnecessary noise that the Dropcam picked up. This was much more pleasant especially when my husband and I are in bed. 

Overall, the experience with the WiFi Baby 4 has been a great one. Once you get past the setup of the camera, it’s smooth sailing and superb video quality of your little one. 

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