Author: Chrissa Benson

Chrissa Benson is founder of Physical Kitchness, a one-stop shop for women striving to build a foundation of healthy eating for their families and prioritizing fitness for themselves.

Chrissa’s mission is helping busy women reduce the overwhelm of healing living - providing online resources to help transition families to a non-processed, paleo-inspired lifestyle. As a barre instructor and fitness enthusiast, her website also provides workout tutorials women can do anywhere.

Her authenticity has won the hearts of over 100,000 moms across social media who need a little humor, a kick of motivation, and stress-free solutions to be the best they can be in the kitchen, in the gym, and in the home.

She is the creator of the family-friendly meal planning system, 30 Minute Real Food Meal Revolution and also heads the exclusive membership site, Club Kitchness  - home workouts, healthy recipes, and mindset for busy moms. 

Pregnancy may mean glowing skin, luscious hair, and an adorable bump. But for the rest of us, it means turning into ravenous hunger monsters desperate for anything to satisfy our rumbling bellies. Sound familiar? Instead of reaching for a sugar-loaded granola bar or diving head-first into a bag of potato chips, consider trying...