6 classic baby names for your little guy or gal


What’s in a name? Quite a lot if you stop and think about it!

For many expectant parents, choosing the perfect moniker for a baby during pregnancy can be as tough as picking out the best daycare and nursery school, or even choosing a pediatrician. After all, the name that you and your partner settle on will be with your child for life, so it’s pretty important that you select one that’s distinctive and can transition with your little guy or gal throughout each stage of his or her development.

If you’ve been stuck on what to call your baby, but you’re looking for something that’s classic and maybe a little on the quirky side, you should consider these six names. While traditional, these unique options offer a bit of flair and will help set your child apart from the pool of Bellas, Sookies, Jacobs and Aidens – just a few of the most popular names for 2013 – that he or she is sure to meet in the coming years.

1. Antonia

This classic name is a feminization of the name Anthony, which is usually used for little boys. Strong and regal, Antonia can easily be broken up into nicknames like Annie, Nia, Tonia or Toni, but it’s the classic version of this powerful name that really leaves behind an impression.

2. Augustus

Fans of this name – which means “great” or “venerable” – may opt for other variations, like Augustine or August, but it’s in the form of Augustus that this traditional name really stands out. As the title given to Octavian after he became the emperor of Rome, Augustus is a mighty and commanding name with a rich historical use.

3. Clementine

Looking for a name that’s sweet and extra special? Clementine, which hasn’t been on the U.S. Top 1,000 names since the early 1950s, is one of the cutest monikers around. While you might be thinking it’s a mouthful, nicknames like Clem, Teeny or Tina can make this one easier to swallow for youngsters early on.

4. Cormac

Whether you’re a fan of the works of Pulitzer-prize winning author Cormac McCarthy or you’re a student of history (Ireland’s most legendary king was named Cormac), one thing’s for sure – if you name your first child Cormac, you’ll be giving him a unique Irish name.

5. Harriet

Just because you might have a grandmother or two with this vintage name is no reason to cross it off your list! Lovely nicknames like Hattie, Hettie and Etta can make this name adorable for little girls, and the best part about a name like Harriet is that it can grow with your child throughout the years.

6. Henry

Regal yet versatile, Henry is one of the most classic names for boys around, yet remains a cool and innovative option if you’re unsure what to dub your little one. Several of the most well-known monarchs in European history were named Henry, as well as many writers, giving this name an extra something special.

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