Unofficial Guide to picking trendy baby names

December 18, 2013 by

Unofficial Guide to picking trendy baby names

Our Unofficial (& Slightly Silly) Guide to Trending Baby Names

Naming a baby is one of life’s most important decisions. No pressure! While you may had your heart set on a name since you were playing with dolls, for most of us, pregnancy is a time to really get the wheels turning. Let us be your guide as we look at what’s hot, what’s not and what we see trending in 2014.

The Popular Preschool Crowd
When we were kids, everyone was Jennifer, Jessica, Michelle, Michael, Matthew or Jason. You’ll be hard-pressed to find many of those on the playground these days. If you want your baby to run with the pack these days, check out the current most-popular names for preschoolers below. Conversely, if you want to stand out or avoid your kid being called “Little Liam” or “Emily H.,” these are the names to avoid.

Sophia, Emma, Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Emily, Abigail, Mia, Madison, Elizabeth

Jacob, Mason, Ethan, Noah, William, Liam, Jayden, Michael, Alexander, Aiden

Trend Setters
What’s been hot in 2013? It’ll take a lot to knock Jacob off his pedestal. These are the other names that your Lamaze friends are currently considering for their sons:

To read more on picking trending baby names, head on over to Red Tricycle.



 Unofficial Guide to picking trendy baby namesRed Tricycle is the fastest growing community for parents and parents-to-be. We believe that life should be a journey of delight and discovery so as fans of playful parenting, we offer ideas for cool things to see, eat, make and do with your kids. The end result is a curated list of events, services, and products that are really worth your time. Sign up for Red Tricycle’s newest edition, Bump + Baby here.

 Unofficial Guide to picking trendy baby names

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