Moon Cocoon Sleep Sack


This fluffy sleep sack is nice and warm and cozy. It’s like a little sleeping bag that wraps around your baby. It looks like a tiny zip-on duvet.

The colors are cute. The fabric is soft. I love the idea of a fluffy warm sleep sack which I can use until the baby can be covered in a real duvet. The snaps and zipper make the cocoon adjustable and fairly tight fitting under the arms to keep in warmth. Baby is toasty in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

The downside to all the adjustable snaps and zippers is that it is not simple to get the baby in to the sleep sack for the night. If she’s fallen asleep in my arms, all the adjustments are sure to wake her.

The instructions suggest that the bottom can be left unzipped for older/taller kids or to change a diaper easily. However, it seems that would not, then, keep the baby warm enough, since the great aspect of this cocoon is the sleeping bag style. My baby is 7 months old and, for now anyway, she fits in it on the smallest setting. It’s snug under the arms– comfortable for her since she’s too big to be swaddled but seems to still like that feeling. The snaps can be left open for a roomier fit.

This is a good product. I recommend it for any baby who needs some extra warmth at night.

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