Encourage baby’s learning process


Babies understand more than you think. Your little ones may not be able to talk, but they have use of five amazing senses and a rapidly forming brain to process all the input that surround them. From birth, babies are built to absorb information, and they do so at an incredible pace. Just witness the astonishing leap that occurs from a newborn baby to an inquisitive, creative, chatterbox two-year-old!

You can encourage your baby’s intellectual growth in many ways. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Point and name

Give things that your baby sees a name and even a brief description.

Narrate your actions

As you bathe, dress, and play with your baby, describe what you are doing.

See the world through baby’s eyes

This may be the umpteenth time you’ve seen a goose – but your baby likely finds this creature amazing! Try to understand – and maybe even emulate – this spark of wonder in the world.


Use shorter, more specific sentences when you talk to your baby.

Exaggerate your speech

Babies focus on the sounds, pitch, and tone of words, so don’t rush through your paragraphs and leave your baby behind!

Talk eye to eye

Your baby learns how to talk not only by listening, but also by watching the way your mouth and tongue move and the way that words and sounds are formed.

Ask lots of questions

When you ask questions, your voice naturally rises and becomes more animated.

Read to your baby–every day

The early days of reading set a tone for your child’s future relationship with books, which will be critical to his success in school. In addition, your baby will love hearing your voice.

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