JJ Cole Essentials Outdoor Blanket


After attending a number of outdoor picnics this Summer, I decided we needed to be better equipped for these gatherings with something better than a regular blanket. I am so glad we now have the JJ Cole Essentials Outdoor blanket. The 5 foot by 7 foot size is perfect for our three person family. It fits my tall husband (6’ 3”), me (5’ 7”) and our 3 month old son very comfortable. The material is water proof and after a couple of visits to the park where it has laid on wet grass, it has not picked up any grass or mud stains. The weight of the blanket is perfect – doesn’t blow away in the wind or get mashed up when you move around.  The seams of the blanket and the built in bag make it really easy to fold up. There is a Velcro closure that keeps it fastened as a tote and a nice outer pocket to hold small items (a few diapers, wipes, etc.). It also doesn’t have some confusing way that it needs to be folded (like a map). I was able to figure it out after one use and that’s saying something… I’m so glad we now have this to enjoy at parks, on the beach, anywhere we want to create a comfortable outdoor space. The only thing that I want to note is that the fabric is a bit slippery due to it being made of polyester. This also helps with being able to clean it and wipe it down easily. Due to this, it doesn’t work so well for tummy time as my 3 month old needs some fabric with more grip on it for that. So, my easy solution is simply to put a towel or light blanket on top and we’ve been able to practice our tummy time outside.


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